​Epoxy Floor Coating For Aircraft Hangar

​Epoxy Floor Coating For Aircraft Hangar

Epoxy Floor Coating For Aircraft Hangar

Aircraft hangars are large workshop or building for storing and maintaining aircraft. It typically houses large aircraft and requires large doors that span most of the width of the hangar. They can vary from simple "shade" structures that protect all or parts of the aircraft from the elements to complicated environmentally controlled maintenance facilities.

Aircraft hangars demand the toughest flooring available. The floors in aircraft hangars are put under large amounts of stress due to the weight of the aircraft. The floors also have to cope with the chemicals coming off the aircraft during maintenance. Our Epoxy floor coatings are proven to be durable enough to handle heavy objects without damage as well as being able to resist chemicals spills in other to increase the longevity of floors.

Our floor coatings are created to hold up against harsh aviation fuels, cleaners, waxes, lubricants, corrosive liquids, and other fluids often present in air hangars. Despite long-term exposure to various chemicals, our coating system will retain its integrity without staining or breaking down. Regular cleanup and maintenance are made fast, easy, and economical with our products. Therefore, spills and messes will not hamper the functionality, no matter the size of the hangar.

Keeping your airplane hangar or high transport areas safe and clean while also keeping the attractiveness of them, can be accomplished with our epoxy floor coatings. Although coating a hangar is not a complicated matter when using modern technology, choosing the right flooring solution can be tricky.

Given below are the advantages of Epoxy floor coatings on aircraft hangar:

1. Durability

The floor in an aircraft hangar is subjected to various factors that can damage the concrete substrate if there is no suitable protective coating. The floor must first of all withstand the weight of the planes. The movement of such a large vehicle is a big challenge for the floor due to the extreme mechanical loads, even ‘light weight’ loads such as ground handling vehicles, carts and wheeled equipment are at risk of scratching the floor and impacts from dropped tools or spare parts could also affect the finish. Therefore, it is essential to make sure that the floor you choose is robust and durable.

2. Chemical resistance

When dealing with the servicing of an aircraft, the floor is exposed to chemical compounds contained in materials such as aviation fuel, hydraulic fluids or lubricants. To make sure that the hangar flooring system is up to the task at hand it must be resistant to both the short and long term effects of exposure to all the various chemicals that will be used onsite.

3. Colour

The colour of the floor in the hangar may seem a secondary issue, however it is worth thinking about, a bright and glossy surface will reflect the light and allow for better illumination of the room without the need to install additional lighting points. In well-lit hangars mechanics find it more comfortable to work in places such as under the chassis or wings of an airplane and it is easier for them to see any foreign objects on the floor and protect the aircraft from potential damage.

4. Aesthetics

Hangar aesthetics is strongly associated with the floor colour. After all, it’s not only a work space and technical backroom, it’s also the backdrop to the whole operation. Even though the most common floors for aircraft hangars are bright shades of grey, there is no reason not to use other colours. Practically any other colour can be used to mark communication pathways or non-working areas. Brand colours of airlines or airports can be used as well to apply company logos and to tie the hangar into an overarching brand image.

Aircraft hangars at both civilian and military airports are often visited by delegations of VIPs: government or military officials or investors, not to mention the guests of the highest ranks, like heads of states. In such situations, making a good impression is certainly in the interest of every airport manager or hangar owner. A properly designed floor is able to help significantly here, especially in the hangar where apart from airplanes the floor is probably the most eye-catching part of the building.

5. Easy to clean

Aircraft hangars often have vast floor areas covering several dozen thousand square metres or more. The floor therefore needs to be designed in such a way that it is quick and easy to clean, saving on time, labour, expenses and making the whole site much more manageable.

We offer Epoxy flooring solutions that provide a durable and chemical resistant substrate protection for aircraft hangars. They can withstand heavy loads, impacts, abrasion and wear, as well as chemical attack from fuel, lubricants and hydraulic fluids spills.

Different Chemicals Resisted Of Finished Epoxy Floors For Aircraft Hangars

Floor finishes in aircraft hangars need to be hard wearing and durable enough to withstand short-term and long-term exposure to a range of chemicals. We stock a full range of specialized epoxy floor coatings that can resist chemicals such as Skydrol, Hyjet, aviation fuel, corrosive liquids without staining or fading. We also stock industrial-grade epoxy flooring products that are formulated to resist chemicals and acids like acetone, ammonia, phosphoric acid, nitric acid, sulfuric acid, and more.

Other Parts of An Airport Floor That We Coat Are:

Operations and storage areas

Mechanical and utility rooms

Baggage handling and screening

Changing and locker rooms

Air traffic control rooms

Catering areas

Administration offices.

In conclusion, consider the fact that your floor will be much easier to clean than ever before. You won’t need to sit on your hands and knees, scrubbing and hoping for the best. Instead, you will be able to use a simple mop and a push broom to get rid of any dirt or debris. Cleaning has never been easier, and keeping your floor in good condition has never been more important. When coating floors that will endure the weight and traffic of aircraft on a daily basis, it is critical that such floor be chemical resistant. 

EPOCHEM 304/404 Epoxy Floor Sealers

Interested in getting your floors coated? If you want to have a safe, durable and beautiful floor in your hangar or industrial facility, please do not hesitate to contact GZ Industrial Supplies team of professionals now, as our Epoxy floor coating on aircraft hangar last longer, gives better working experience and only require less maintenance cost, which helps our clients save a lot of money on cleaning costs.  

11th Apr 2019 Eng. Anthony Ubong

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