​The Best Generators in Nigeria 2024 Reviews

​The Best Generators in Nigeria 2024 Reviews

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When considering the best generators to purchase in Nigeria for 2024, it's essential to focus on models that offer reliability, fuel efficiency, and robust after-sales support. Opt for generators that balance initial cost with long-term operational efficiency, particularly those that handle Nigeria's fluctuating fuel costs and unstable power grid effectively. Brands that provide comprehensive warranties and accessible service networks should be prioritized to ensure continued support and maintenance. The top-rated generators will not only fulfill power needs but also offer durability and economic operation, making them well-suited to withstand Nigeria’s challenging infrastructure environment.


As Nigeria continues to experience fluctuations in its power supply, the reliance on generators as a dependable source of electricity remains prevalent. In the year 2024, the demand for reliable generators has never been more crucial for individuals and businesses alike. If you are Looking to restore power to necessary appliances during emergencies? A generator could be just the thing you need, but there are many factors to consider before making a purchase. It is important to research the types of generators to see which one may fit your needs. Generators can either be standby or portable and both types come with different fuel options and many other differences that you should consider before buying. Whether you are preparing for emergency power, looking to run a job site, or have recreational use in mind, there is a lot to consider when buying a portable generator. To help you sort it out among the plethora of options out there, we have put together a list of Best Generators in Nigeria 2024.

Gasoline Generator 5.5Kw GE55003 INGCO

Gasoline Generator 5.5Kw GE55003 INGCO

What is a Generator?

A generator set is an electric machine consisting mainly of a motor (mostly diesel or gasoline), an alternator and an electrical control panel. It serves to supply electrical energy, when a power failure occurs or in isolated places where there is no mains supply.

How does a Generator work?

A generator set is a rotary electric machine that transforms mechanical energy into electrical energy. Thanks to the engine and the alternator, they achieve through the interaction of the two elements, convert the mechanical energy into electrical.

The alternators generate electricity in alternating current through a moving part called a rotor, which will rotate by the mechanical force exerted by the motor, and a static part called the stator.

Types of Generators

Maxmech Key Starter Petrol Generator - 7.5KVA - 100% copper, 230V, 620MM,Maxmech RWD 8800E

Maxmech Key Starter Petrol Generator - 7.5KVA - 100% copper, 

There are three main types of generators: portable, inverter and standby. Despite their differences, all of these generators should undergo similar generator maintenance to ensure long-term use.

1. Portable Generator

A portable generator is powered by gas or diesel fuel and can provide temporary electrical power.

Here are some characteristics to note about these types of generators:

  • Uses a combustion engine to conduct electricity.
  • Can plug into electrical appliances or tools via its sockets.
  • Can be wired into a facility’s subpanels.
  • Can be used in remote sites.
  • Has enough power to run a television, freezer and refrigerator.
  • The engine should run at 3600 rpm to render the standard 60hz of current.
  • Use a governor to control the engine’s speed.
  • Can power tools and lights.

2. Inverter Generator

An inverter generator uses an engine connected to an alternator to produce AC power. It also uses a rectifier unlike other generators to convert the AC power into DC power.

Here are some characteristics to note about these types of generators:

  • Relies on high-tech magnets.
  • Uses advanced electronic circuitry.
  • Undergoes three phases to produce electricity.
  • Outputs AC current, convert it to DC current and finally invert it to AC.
  • Maintains a constant flowing of current to an appliance.
  • Is more energy-efficient, as the engine speed adjusts itself according to how much power is needed.
  • Its AC can be set to any voltage and frequency when used with proper equipment.
  • Tends to be little and lightweight.
  • Can fit into a car, RV or boat.

Ingco Diesel Welder Generator GDW65001

Ingco Diesel Welder Generator GDW65001

3. Standby Generator

A standby generator is an electrical system that operates with an automatic transfer switch that commands it to power a device up during power loss.

Here are some characteristics to note about these types of generators:

  • Operates automatically.
  • Delivers permanent power protection.
  • Has two components: a standby generator and an automatic transfer switch.
  • Can operate on liquid propane or natural gas.
  • Will run on the fuel type already in use in the facility or home.
  • Uses an internal combustion engine.
  • Senses the power loss within seconds and boots up electricity so that power loss is felt very briefly.
  • Executes automatic weekly self-tests to see that it is properly reacting to a power loss.
  • It is constantly monitoring utility power.
  • Used in safety systems for elevators, standby lighting, medical and life support equipment and fire protection systems. 

Generator Prices 

Product Model  Capacity    Price

Maxmech Generator RFS-6500E




Maxmech Key Starter Generator RFS12000E



Aipower Key starter Generator 3KVA    ₦225,000
Aipower Generator Manual  3KVA    ₦198,000
Maxmech Generator RWD 6500E   5.5KVA    ₦487,000


A-iPower 3.8Kva Manual Start Generator IN6000C

 A-iPower 3.8Kva Manual Start Generator IN6000C

The Best Generators in Nigeria 2024 Reviews

1. Maxmech Generator RFS-6500E

Our Maxmech Generator RWD 6500E is a product built to promote authenticity of power supply with less disappointment whereby making sure that you never run out of power supply. It's built also to serve you under rain without any damages to the engine, it can also serve the church,office, event c enters, hospital, airport, school etc very well. Our Maxmech Generator RWD 6500E is made of pure copper coil. It's well guarded against any harm on the users, has Low fuel consumption and Low carbon dioxide discharge.

Specifications of Maxmech Generator RFS 6500E

Rated Voltage(v)
Rated Frequency(Hz)
Rated Power(kva)
Max Power (kva)
Rated Speed(r/min)
Engine model
Engine typeSingle cylinder, air-cooled
Compression ratio
Phase numberSingle
Fuel typeGasoline
Fuel Tank Capacity
Lowest fuel consumption2.8L/hour
Continuous running time(hr)(rated output)20 hours
Starting Systemelectric start
Net Weight(kg)



2. Maxmech Key Starter Generator RFS12000E

Our Maxmech 8.3KVA Key Starter Generator RFS12000E, is a powerhouse, boasting an 8.3KVA capacity with a key starter feature for convenience and ease of use. It's designed to keep your home or business running without a hitch, ensuring that power outages never disrupt your day.

The Maxmech RFS12000E is not only powerful but also economical, with a fuel tank capacity of 30L and a consumption rate of just 2.8L/hour. Its durability is unmatched, built to last and withstand challenging conditions. The electric start mechanism allows for quick and easy operation, while the 100% copper coil guarantees superior electrical conductivity and longevity. With a single cylinder, air-cooled engine, the generator maintains efficiency and is simple to maintain. It also offers an impressive continuous running time of up to 8 hours at rated output. When it comes to reliable, cost-effective, long-term power needs, the Maxmech 8.3KVA Key Starter Generator RFS12000E stands out as a dependable partner, ready to provide peace of mind and the power you need, whenever you need it.

Technical specifications of Maxmech 8.3KVA Key Starter Generator RFS12000E

  • Rated Voltage(v): 220/230
  • Rated Frequency(hz): 50
  • Rated Power(kva): 8.0
  • Max Power (kva): 8.3
  • Rated Speed(r/min): 3000
  • Engine model: 190F
  • Engine type: Single cylinder, air-cooled
  • Compression ratio: 8.25:1
  • Displacement(Bore*stroke): 420ml(90mm*66mm)
  • Phase number: Single
  • Fuel type: Gasoline
  • Fuel Tank Capacity: 30L
  • Lowest fuel consumption: 2.8L/hour
  • Continuous running time(hr)(rated output): 8 hours
  • Starting System: electric start
  • Net Weight(kg): 88

Maxmech Gasoline Generator RFS 5200E

Maxmech Gasoline Generator RFS 5200E

3. Maxmech Generator RWD 6500E 

This is a product built to promote authenticity of power supply with less disappointment whereby making sure that you never run out of power supply. It's built also to serve you under rain without any damages to the engine.

Key Features of Maxmech Generator RWD 6500E

  • It can also serve the church,office, event c enters, hospital, airport, school etc very well.
  • It's made of pure copper coil.
  • It's well guarded against any harm on the users.
  • Low fuel consumption.
  • Low carbon dioxide discharge.

Frequently Asked Questions About Generators

1. How Long does a Generator Last?

A properly cared for generator can last decades, which means in the long run, having a generator will save you money in addition to restoring lost power. Standby generators tend to need a lot of regular maintenance, especially when it is used for long periods of time. With regular inspection, you will be able to replace worn out parts, clean out filters, and keep your generator in top condition.

2. What happens if i use a generator below capacity

All engines are designed to work under different load conditions, from maximum to minimum. Problems occur when the engine runs at low loads (minimum load) for a long time, causing it to not reach its normal temperature. The oil that is normally burned in the cylinder will heat up forming a layer of sediment in the cylinder liner. If low loads continue to work, blue smoke will appear and the engine will need to be serviced to remove the sediment layer from the jacket or to replace it.

3. Do Generators Need Maintenance?

Just like any other mechanical equipment, generators also need to be maintained in order to prevent permanent damage and keep your unit in proper working order. Just like a car engine, generators require periodic filter and oil changes, so check your user’s manual for recommended maintenance intervals and procedures. It is also a good idea to do a test run of the generator each month to prevent blockage in the carburetor and to avoid any surprises so that the unit is ready for when you need it.


Both standby generators and portable generators offer different benefits for homeowners to consider when making their purchasing decision. The main difference between standby and portable generators is the manner in which power is transmitted into your home along with the electrical capacity.

As a leading provider of the Best Generator in Nigeria, we offer a large range of generators available for sale, contact GZ Industrial Supplies today to learn more. We are always here to answer your call and provide you with unmatched generator services! 

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