1HP Submersible Water-Pump -Capendar

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1HP Submersible Water-Pump -Capendar

1HP Submersible Water-Pump-Capendar

GZ Industrial is a Distributor Of 1HP Submersible Water-Pump -Capendar. We have Various Brands Like Sear, U.S.K

Etc. Moreover, we have in stock a wide range of Horse Power (HP) Like ;2HP, 5HP, 7.5HP, 10HP Etc, that is

ideal for both domestic and Industrial Use. Besides, there are other Electrical Supplies in Our Online shop.

Features Of Our 1HP Submersible Water-Pump-Capendar

  • Capendar Pump is built in stainless steel structure, using the single-phase power supply, the advantages of small volume, beautiful appearance, suitable for family, car washing, garden watering and trace water discharge.
  • With small size, beautiful appearance, rust and corrosion resistance, acid and alkali water are usually can use.
  • This Capendar pump is with high efficiency, stable performance and can be used total head.
  • Deep water supply can fully meet the high-rise building water supply, national water-saving drip irrigation, sprinkler irrigation and microspray irrigation engineering needs.
  • Beautiful and durable, rust corrosion resistance, easy installation and use, with wear-resistant mechanical seal of the shaft sealing system.
  • Long Service Life

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