Industrial cleaning, Tank cleaning and Remediation services

Industrial cleaning, Tank cleaning and Remediation services


We are the foremost service provider for industrial cleaning, tank cleaning, chemical cleaning, and remediation services. Our world-class tank cleaning services developed using innovative direct injection processes and robotic cleaning technologies. Utilizing our techniques, we not only can clean your tank but to lower your waste disposal costs and minimize your tank’s downtime.

What is Tank Cleaning?

GZ Industrial cleaning solutions has developed an innovative direct injection process for tank cleaning, providing you with significant savings in full product recovery, minimal waste disposal costs, and minimal downtime. Not only does this enhance waste reduction, but it minimizes many safety and environmental hazards associated with cleaning the interior of tanks – a typically harsh environment. Our tank cleaning technique design is to reduce personnel exposure and eliminate or reduce human entry. They include robotic cleaning, total process containment, tank ventilation, and vapor recovery, and scrubbing.

Our expertise in tank cleaning goes beyond our advanced technology, emphasizing the critical elements of professional project planning and management, with detailed strategic planning, engineering, safety protocols, onsite process controls, training, and experience at the core of our service. We can clean almost any type of tank, including crude, fuel and slop oil, asphalt, wastewater, gasoline, acidic water, benzene, etc. We now operate multiple tank-cleaning kits, reinforcing our team as an industry leader. Tank cleaning is the essential process of preparing industrial tanks and vessels for inspections, removing blockages, and preventing contamination. The best cleaning solution involves ultra-high-pressure water jets, with Hydroblast providing both man-entry and remote methods to achieve optimal results for your business

Connect with our team and arrange an inspection for your crude oil tank, the water tank, and chemical tanks

What are the industrial cleaning challenges in the field?

If you work on an industrial site, you will know first-hand the challenges that come from maintaining equipment and keeping your entire plant running at optimal operating conditions. Our wide range of industrial cleaning services and maintenance solutions are designed to support your equipment and facilities safely, environmentally sustainable, and responsible.

Best of all, we understand the need for different solutions for different industries and tailor every solution to suit your site requirements, so you can rest assured that the answers you receive are right for you.

Tailored Solutions. Specialist Expertise. GZ Industrial Cleaning solutions is a name you can trust in industrial cleaning, with an extensive array of solutions tailored to handle every aspect of your industrial plant and industrial equipment cleaning needs, from technologically advanced equipment to solvents.

Always Safe. Minimal Environmental Impact. Without the right equipment, we know that cleaning industrial machinery and facilities can delay or interrupt your operations.

At GZ industrial, we use best-of-breed pumps, accessories, and robotic techniques for the safe provision of all of your high and ultra-high pressure water jetting needs, with minimal environmental effects.

What is High-Pressure Water Jetting?

No matter what heavy industry you are in, high-pressure water jetting or high-pressure water blasting is an efficient, cost-effective, and environmentally friendly part of any industrial plant or industrial equipment cleaning toolkit. It has many applications, including surface preparation and cleaning, pipe and tank cleaning, pathways and roads, concrete demolition in no-fire zones, cold cutting of steelwork, scale, paint, and rust removal.

GZ Industrial has access to the most extensive high & ultra-high pressure water cleaners available in Nigeria, ranging in horsepower from 70 to 1000 HP. We also utilize state-of-the-art cleaning attachments, including spinning nozzles, rotary multi-jet head pipe cleaning attachments, tank cleaning heads, floor cleaners, and automatic internal and external exchanger tube bundle cleaners.

As part of our commitment to providing high-quality water jetting services that are safe, fast, efficient, and practical, with zero or minimal environmental effects. We also ensure our team is highly trained and experienced, with extensive knowledge in high-pressure water blasting across various industries, big and small.

Sludge management

What is Sludge Management?

Sludge is a natural bi-product for many industries, including industrial wastewater treatment or sewage treatment plants, and is one that can cause delays in production. GZ Industrial utilizes an innovative range of sludge harvesting and processing technologies as part of our complete waste management solution, including:

  • Sewage sludge farms
  • Settling ponds
  • Tank cleaning
  • Large-scale cooling towers

Harvesting sludge

We used super suckers and the trusty old bucket and shovel to remove sludge, waste, and heavy oils in the olden days. Using the super suckers may have its place on smaller-scale projects or work in confined space areas. We can now utilize the latest robotic technologies, pelican dredges, centrifuge, and dozers to extract the sludge. We can do this in your industrial facility in an environmentally sustainable manner. The key benefit of this technology is the ability to keep your tanks online.

Hydro Dozer

  • The dozer is a hydraulic driven small dozer that can be easily disassembled and used in many applications. The robotic application allows the tank to remain online with a remote control station while sludge removal occurs. Automated application is ideal for removing slurry and bulk products inside a tank, open-top tank, or pond area; it is advantageous in a submerged state and negates the need for human entry and exposure to sludge. Together with a progressive cavity pump, the Hydro Dozer is capable of harvesting up to 90m3/hr. Of sludge.

Pelican Dredge

  • The Pelican Dredge specializes in removing sludge and silt from lagoons, tailings dams, sewage ponds, lakes, and waterways. As a critical piece of our sludge management equipment, the Pelican Dredge is a self-propelled cutter suction dredge and is easily transportable, can operate in shallow water (600mm), and can pump sludge over long distances (500metres)

Sludge Management processing solutions

At GZ Industrial cleaning, we have three key sludge processing technologies, including:


  • The state-of-the-art centrifuge application is applied to the recovery of oil from crude oil tanks. The centrifuge works by spinning a stainless steel drum while simultaneously introducing the contaminated oil, and within this spinning, gravity is increased 100 times. Aided by the possible heat and flocculants, the oil and water become separated.

No matter what size industrial facility, our team can apply several key technologies to harvest and process the sludge efficiently, cleaning your plant in an environmentally sustainable manner.

Chemical Cleaning and Decontamination

Our chemical cleaning and decontamination services are technically Advanced. Safer, time-Saving, and cost-effective. The need to remove contaminants from extensive industrial infrastructure and processing units can be disruptive to your business, and any interruptions or delays can severely affect your bottom line. By applying decades of innovation and insight, at GZ Industrial Cleaning, we utilize technically advanced, cost-effective chemical cleaning solutions to dissolve and breakdown contaminants inside your piping, cooling water systems, and boilers, tanks, and reactors. GZ industrial and cleaning services help its industrial customers minimize downtime and maximize process efficiency while controlling costs and protecting workers through safe, effective, and efficient chemical cleaning and decontamination programs.

Remediation Services

With a more critical requirement for industrial and commercial sectors to manage remediation of sites and materials to maintain and or restore environmental safety, it is integral to partner with an organization that can help.

At GZ Industrial, we treat and remediate soil, liquid, non-liquid industrial residues, process waste, sludge, and sediments. Similarly, we can partner with your organization to treat a wide range of contaminants, including In-organics, organics, persistent organic pollutants, and numerous other specific pollutants.

Several of our technologies happen on fast reaction time, usually measured in hours instead of weeks or months with conventional treatments, minimizing potential contamination and considerable time savings on critical projects.

The following remediation technologies we utilize at GZ Industrial can be adapted to deliver the solution your organization has been looking for:

  • Contaminant stabilization
  • Physical stabilization (solidification)
  • Chemical stabilization
  • Chemical hydrocarbon treatment
  • Low temperature indirect thermal desorption
  • Bioremediation
  • In-vessel composting
  • Solvent extraction system 

GZ Industrial cleaning offers cradle to grave remediation solutions – from facilitating regulatory approvals and community relations activities to developing environmental management plans and arranging engineering design for onsite retention, including civil works. We do the job and sell the best industrial cleaning and remediation chemicals in Nigeria