Agriculture Insecticide Sprayer Machine Vision

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Vision AISM-1
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Agriculture Insecticide Sprayer Machine Vision

Agriculture Insecticide Sprayer Machine Vision

GZ Industrial Supplies is the distributor of Vision Agric Sprayer Machines in Nigeria. This Agriculture Insecticide Sprayer Machine Vision is designed with unique construction and smooth streamline for comfortable carrying and effective spraying , especially fit for pest-controlling of various crops, flowers and garden plantscleaning of public places as well as hygiene and disease control of fowl and livestock houses. No Leak Tank - With hydraulic agitation, the Backpack Sprayer easily handles liquid. 4.2 Gallon (16L) capacity made from high grade polyethylene plastic to resist corrosion from solvent. Lightweight and conveniently worn on the operator's back like a backpack for maximum portability and ease of use. This hand sprayer is a 16 litres container with manual hand pump and spraying mechanism. it is suitable for garden watering, fumigation of homes and farm lands. It is Durable and for general purpose spraying. Padded Backpack Sprayer Straps: Adjustable padded shoulder straps offer added comfort and support. Anti-corrosion piston made from special material.

Our Agriculture Insecticide Sprayer Machine Vision have been fabricated from materials and parts known for their compatibility and resistance to many of the chemicals, acids, powders, and solutions commonly used in sprayer systems within agriculture and manufacturing. Sprayer tanks often utilized to hold the spray fluid are manufactured from high density polyethylene (HDPE), a durable and hard, chemically resistant, industrial grade plastic.

Agriculture Insecticide Sprayer Machine Vision are commonly used for the administration of water-chemical solution onto soil or vegetation for growth performance or pest control. 

Key Features of Agriculture Insecticide Sprayer Machine Vision 

Garden Hand knapsack Sprayer 16L Agricultural Pesticide Sprayer (Blue):

Make spraying easy and efficient

Robust Construction

High characteristic trigger switch control

Inline filter to prevent shower clogging

Double Lance for Higher Spraying

Multi -application Nozzles

Manual hand sprayer

16 liters capacity

Fumigation use



Technical Specifications of Agriculture Insecticide Sprayer Machine Vision

Brand: Vision

Color: Yellow

Main Material: N/A

Weight (kg): 16

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