Big Power Airless Sprayer HVBAN EP850TX

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  • Big Power Airless Sprayer HVBAN EP850TX
  • Big Power Airless Sprayer HVBAN EP850TX


Big Power Airless Sprayer HVBAN EP850TX

GZ Industrial Supplies Limited is the distributor and supplier of HVBAN fluid paint equipment in Nigeria. This Big Power Airless Sprayer HVBAN EP850TX is the ideal choice for contractors who need a higher output sprayer for daily use on residential and industrial jobs. 

Our Airless Paint Sprayer Professional EP850TX HVBAN is equipped with powerful brushless dc motor. It is ideal for spraying large residential and industrial buildings and supports the working with two guns at the same time. 

Product Specifications:

Name: Electric airless sprayer

Model No. : EP850TX

Max flow(L/Min): 7.3

Max working pressure (Mpa): 21MPa

Power type: HONDA Engine

Max nozzle size (in): 0.039'' one gun, 0.029'' two guns


Advantages of High Pressure Airless Paint Sprayer Professional EP850TX HVBAN

A. Exclusive Brushless DC Motor

Never use a maintenance-free brush to replace the brush. This allows the machine to work efficiently at both low and high speeds.3000W high power motor, the pressure is more stable and more ingenious, the spray pulse is small.

B. Smart Control System

Latest pressure control system delivers a consistent spray fan at all spraying pressure. And with digital display, you can read and regulate the pressure easily.

Stainless Steel Rack.

C. Stainless steel rack with retroverted design for easily hose storing.

The Modular Structure Designture design of motor and gear box makes it easy to repair the Motor, which can reduce the repair cost.

D. Easy out Manifold Filter

Easy out manifold filter will reduce the tip clogs. The pump filter could be disassembled by hand easily.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1 Do you need a compressor for a paint sprayer?

Most air paint spray guns have a "high volume, low pressure" (HVLP) delivery mechanism, so you'll need to choose a spray paint compressor that produces the necessary pressure and volume of air to create a continuous paint flow that will result in a beautiful finish.

Q2 How many coats do you need with an airless sprayer?

It is recommended that you apply two coats and allow sufficient time for drying. Make sure to sand between each dried coat. After painting the final coat and allowing it to dry, apply a clear coat.

Q3  Can I leave water in my airless sprayer overnight?

Water left in a paint sprayer corrodes and destroys the pump! Always run a storage fluid through the system after cleaning. You can use a "pump preserver" like Graco Pump Armor or simply clean mineral spirits. Most paint sprayers just require a quart of ready-to-use product.

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2 Reviews

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    highly recommended

    Posted by solange on Feb 22, 2024

    Painting enthusiasts understand the importance of owning a high-quality sprayer. And on par with the greatest is this Hvban sprayer. for easy work use, I highly recommend it

  • 5


    Posted by Jacob Amadu on Feb 04, 2020

    Excellent power airless sprayer for professionals.

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