Centrifuge Low Speed TDL-4C ARI

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Centrifuge Low Speed TDL-4C ARI

Centrifuge Low Speed TDL-4C ARI

GZ industrial Supplies is a distributor and supplier of ARI Medical Products in Nigeria. The Centrifuge Low Speed TDL-4C ARI is suitable for qualitative analysis of blood serum and plasma in hospitals and biochemical laboratories.

Our Centrifuge Low Speed TDL-4C ARI is a strong metal case, big capacity, low noise, Swing rotor, and its suitable for 4 different tubes.

Specification of Centrifuge Low Speed TDL-4C ARI

Time: 0-99min

-Max RCF: 2755xg

-Max RPM: 4000RPM, stepless speed adjustment

-Rotor capacity: swing rotor 100ml*4, 50ml*8, 15ml*16, 10ml*24

-Voltage: 110V 60Hz/220V 50Hz

-Dimension: 450*550*450mm

-Weight: 44kg

-High power brushless motor

-LED display speed and time

-Over speed and imbalance alarm

-With safety switch and electromagnetic door locks

-Error code display, speed up and down adjustment

-Stainless steel chamber and hood

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