Epochem 150 Descaler Liquid 20L

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  • Epochem 150 Descaler Liquid 20L
  • Epochem 150 Descaler Liquid 20L


Epochem 150 Descaler Liquid 20L

GZ Industrial Supplies is the supplier of Epochem brand of Cleaning and maintenance chemicals in Nigeria. Epochem Descaler Liquid is  blend of non-volatile acids, corrosion inhibitors, emulsifiers and dispersing agents.It effectively removes rust, scale and soil from metal and concrete surfaces. The product is an excellent all around acid based cleaner with a combination of acid inhibiting properties. In use, its dissolving action on rust and scale is fast and thorough. Its acid formulation dissolves lime scale and rust right down to the base metal or concrete with the selective inhibitor protecting metal surfaces.

Features and Applications

Our Epochem 150 descaler liquid is a chemical used to eliminate limescale from metal surfaces in contact with hot water, These surfaces could be Steel, Brass,Glass, Iron, Ceramic,Titanium, Nickel etc.They can also be used in operations where various machinery such as Heat exchangers,Vacuum pump,Boilers and condensers. Epochem 150 Descaler Liquid is very safe to use in the removal of stains,note that Epochem Descaler liquid doesn't affect the substrate while removing stains from the surface.


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Frequently Asked Questions.

1. What is a descaler liquid?

Descaler liquid is a type of cleaner that contains an acidic substance that can dissolve hard water mineral deposits, such as calcium and magnesium, from metal surfaces. Descaler liquid is often used to remove limescale from boilers, water heaters, kettles, coffee machines, and other appliances that come into contact with hot water.

2. How do I use a descaler liquid? 

The method of using descaler liquid varies depending on the type and brand of the product and the appliance you want to descale. In general, you need to dilute the descaler liquid with water according to the recommended ratio, fill the appliance with the solution, run a cycle or let it soak for a certain period of time, drain or rinse the appliance thoroughly with clean water, and repeat if necessary

3.What are the ingredients of descaler liquid? 

Descaler liquid usually contains one or more types of acids that can dissolve limescale. The most common acids are citric acid, sulfamic acid, hydrochloric acid, phosphoric acid, acetic acid, and formic acid. Some descaler liquids may also contain other ingredients, such as surfactants, corrosion inhibitors, fragrances, dyes, or stabilisers machines, once every six months for water heaters and dishwashers, and once a year for boilers.

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4 Reviews

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    Epochem 150 Descaler Liquid

    Posted by Wisdom on Apr 18, 2023

    The Epochem Industrial Degreaser is a game-changer when it comes to removing stubborn grease and grime in my professional opinion. It effortlessly cuts through the toughest oil and dirt, leaving surfaces sparkling clean. A+

  • 5

    Posted by Benjamin Uko on Nov 25, 2022

    I sincerely love the effect of this EPOCHEM 150 DESCALER LIQUID 20L on my industrial pumps. It's performance and quality is very impressive. In fact, I never knew there are still truthful manufacturer's, prolly due to my experiences from previous vendors, till I bump into GZ online. It was actually a trial and I am elated . Expect more guys, I love real people

  • 5

    Posted by Olalekan Afeez on Oct 24, 2022

    i got this product to remove scales on my iron and it worked perfectly

  • 5

    Posted by Anonymous on Oct 24, 2022

    This brand of descaler is really nice and works effectively

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