Epochem Polyester Resin

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Epochem Polyester Resin

GZ Industrial Supplies is the supplier of Epochem Polyester Resin In Nigeria. Our Epochem Polyester Resin is the right choice for your job.

Polyester Resin. Polyester resins used in polyurethane systems are produced through polycondensation of a mixture of tere- and isophthalic acid with neopentyl glycol, and with small quantities of dimethyl terephthalate, hexane-1,6-diol, propane-1,2-diol, 1,4-dimethylolcyclohexane, and trimethylolpropane.

Properties of Polyester Resin:

Polyesters offer ease of handling, low cost, dimensional stability, as well as good mechanical, chemical-resistance and electrical properties. The low viscosity of polyester resins allow for the addition of low profile agents, pigments, fillers and additives.

Frequently Asked Questions. 

1.What is polyester resin? 

Polyester resin is a strong, versatile material used to make a variety of products, including composite materials, flat roofs, pipes, and storage tanks. Polyester resin is made by mixing unsaturated polyester monomers and a cross-linking agent. The monomers are the basic building blocks of the resin, and the cross-linking agent helps to make the resin solid. Polyester resin is waterproof and can withstand harsh conditions, making it a popular choice for a variety of applications.

2. What are the advantages of using polyester resin? 

Polyester resin has various advantages, including strong chemical resistance, ease of manufacturing, versatility in applications, and a low cost compared to other types of resins. It can be easily moulded into a variety of forms and sizes, making it useful for both small-scale projects and huge industrial uses.

3. How do I cure polyester resin?

Polyester resin is typically cured through a chemical reaction known as cross-linking. This reaction is initiated by adding a catalyst to the resin, which triggers the formation of bonds between the polymer chains. The curing process may involve heat, UV light, or a combination of both, depending on the type of resin and application.

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5 Reviews

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    Posted by Benny on May 09, 2024

    I love this Epochem Polyester Resin, is a multi versatile chemical product, that can serve different purposes effectively. I saw it usefulness when I used it.

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    Posted by Rose Nnang on Mar 23, 2023

    polyesters offer ease of handling, low cost, dimensional stability, as well as good mechanical, chemical-resistance and electrical properties.

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    Posted by James Okolie on Mar 23, 2023

    EPOCHEM POLYESTER RESIN, One of the chemicals I can't hesitate to buy from GZ whenever I want to do my flooring. I have tried some company's but I must say, the result this one gives me is so satisfying and perfect. Your company is so real and true. Expect more guys

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    super reliable

    Posted by Engr. Prekebor Alliu on Jun 26, 2020

    This is one of the best epoxy product i have ever used

  • 5

    Lovely quality

    Posted by Udom Jackson on Jun 22, 2020

    I love this Epochem Polyester Resin. Its the best quality in town

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