Gas Cutting Machine CG1-30A Reto

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Reto CG1-30A
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Gas Cutting Machine CG1-30A Reto

Gas Cutting Machine CG1-30A Reto

GZ Industrial Supplies is the distributor of Reto Welding Products in Nigeria. This Gas Cutting Machine CG1-30A Reto is a universal gas cutting machine, which uses medium-pressure fuel gas and high-pressure oxygen to cut the plate which thickness is more than 8mm. It mainly be used for straight-line cutting. It also can be used for circle cutting with diameter more than 200mm. Bevel cutting and V-shape cutting as well. If equipped with special attachments, the machine may be used for flame quenching and plastic welding by taking use of it drive. 

Features of Gas Cutting Machine CG1-30A Reto

The main body is made of high strength aluminum by discasting minutely.
Speed system is adjusted by controlled silicon.
Oxygen Acetylene hose is made of high quality rubber with advanced process.
Attached quick connector for hose quick link.
Quick switch is attached in pipe assembly for higher efficiency.
Mainly for straight line cutting and for circular cutting>A 200mm.
Single torch cutting, groove range :I.Y.V(45A i a
Applied in shipbuilding, oil production, metallurgy, metal structure and other manufacturers etc.

Technical Specifications of Gas Cutting Machine CG1-30A Reto

Model: CG1-30A

Supply Voltage(V/HZ): AC220/50

Cutting Thickness mm: 6-100

Cutting Speed Mm/Min: 50-750

Diameter of Circle Cutting mm: Ø200-2000

Weight: 16 kg

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