Gasoline High Pressure Washer PW 200 Maxmech

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Maxmech PW 200
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Gasoline High Pressure Washer PW 200 Maxmech

Gasoline High Pressure Washer PW 200 Maxmech

GZ Industrial Supplies is the distributor and supplier of Maxmech brand of products in Nigeria. Our Gasoline High Pressure Washer PW 200 Maxmech is used to remove loose paint, mold, grime, dust, mud, and dirt from surfaces and objects such as buildings, vehicles and concrete surfaces. The volume of a pressure washer is expressed in gallons or liters per minute, often designed into the pump and not variable. The pressure, expressed in pounds per square inch, pascals, or bar is designed into the pump but can be varied by adjusting the unloader valve.

The basic pressure washer consists of a motor (either electric, internal combustion, pneumatic or hydraulic) that drives a high-pressure water pump, a high-pressure hose and a trigger gun-style switch. Just as a garden hose nozzle is used to increase the velocity of water, a pressure washer nozzle creates high pressure and velocity.

Different types of nozzle are available for different application. Some nozzles create a water jet that is in a triangular plane (fan pattern), others emit a thin jet of water that spirals around rapidly (cone pattern). Nozzles that deliver a higher flow rate lower the output pressure. Most nozzles attach directly to the trigger gun.

Some washers, with an appropriate nozzle, allow detergent to be introduced into the water stream, assisting in the cleaning process. Two types of chemical injectors are available a high-pressure injector that introduces the chemical after the water leaves the pump (a downstream injector) and a low-pressure injector that introduces the chemical before water enters the pump (an upstream injector). The type of injector used is related to the type of detergent used, as there are many chemicals that will damage a pump if an upstream injector is used.

Uses of Gasoline High Pressure Washer PW 200 Maxmech  

At extreme high pressure, water is used in many industrial cleaning applications requiring the removal of surface coatings and for dust-free cutting of some metals and concrete. For exterior applications, gas powered washers provide greater mobility than electric ones, as they do not require use in proximity to an electrical outlet. For indoor applications, electric washers produce no exhaust and are much quieter than gas or propane washers.

The majority of pressure washers nowadays connect to an existing water supply, like a garden hose, but some models store water in an attached tank. Usually there is an on/off button that controls the water stream and many models allow you to adjust the water pressure.

Technical Specifications of Gasoline High Pressure Washer PW 200 Maxmech    

Horse Power:   6.5HP

Flow:   8L/Min

Rated Pressure:   3000PSI

Max. Pressure:     3100PSI

Displacement:   196CC

Pump Type:         Axial Pump

Engine Type:   HH168F(6.5HP)

Fuel:   Unleaded Gasoline

Fuel Tank Capacity:   3.6L

Gross Weight:   29kg

Dimension:     495x460x515mm

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    Posted by Paul Nwachukwu on Feb 22, 2023

    Highly recommendable for all, trust me this pressure washer is the best for all. MAXMECH

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    Very Good

    Posted by John Oge on Sep 30, 2022

    Good quality pressure washer, MAXMECH

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    Very nice

    Posted by Mr Larry on Aug 24, 2022

    For so long I've been using this machine and no issues, all thanks to MAXMECH

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    Posted by Kelvin Dahu on Mar 19, 2021

    This boosted my confidence in delivering neat job to my clients. Very strong and dependable.

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    Posted by Amadi Johnson on Mar 16, 2020

    Great pressure washer, love it