GDVA-402V CT/PT Analyzer

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GDVA-402V CT/PT Analyzer

GZ Industrial Supplies is the distributor and supplier of Testing Equipment in Nigeria. Our GDVA-402V CT/PT Analyzer is a fully automatic transformer comprehensive tester. The tester can finish: CT /PT volt-ampere characteristic curve test, CT / PT Polarity test, CT/PT Transformation ratio test, automatically calculating error curve of any CT point.

Characteristic of GDVA-402:

1.The instrument is easy to operate.Complete computerize device and high performance CPU,no need manual work,it finishes test automatically,which prevent person from high voltage circuit.

2.Large output. Maximum output voltage of volt-ampere characteristic test reaches to 1000V,Maximum output current of transformation ratio test is 600A,output capacity of internal voltage regulating machine is 5KVA.

3.Optional accessory includes external join to voltage raising machine ,current raising machine and voltage regulating machine.Maximum voltage of external voltage raising machine is 2000V,3A;Maximum current of external current raising machine is 1000A;Maximum output of external voltage regulating machine is 1500V,20A.You can have a CT test of reach up to 500KV,1A when using external voltage raising machine.

4.320*240 Large screen,it can display volt-ampere characteristic curve directly when the test is finished.It can print curve and result anytime with micro-printers of the tester. 

5.Adapt rotating mouth,easy operation and durable use.

6.Flash Ram inside,prevent data losing from power off.

7.RS232 communication interface,make sure connection of the instrument and PC,triers can control the test and unload the test data through PC.

8.AC220V and AC380V power supply

Technical Specifications:

Input voltage Output scope Measuring scope Measuring degree
Device main engine 220V 0~600V,0~20A 0~600V,0~20A 0.50%
380V 0~1000V,0~20A 0~1000V,0~20A 0.50%
220V 0~600A 0~600A

Transformation ratio 

measuring precision 1%

External voltage 

raising machine

220V 0~1650V,0~3A 0~1650V,0~3A 0.50%
380V 0~2000V,0~3A 0~2000V,0~3A 0.50%

External current 

raising machine

220V 0~1000A 0~1000A

Transformation ratio 

measuring precision 1%

External voltage 

adjustment machine

0~1000V,0~30A 0.50%
Device working power

AC 220V/380V 




420×330×320mm3 Weight 24kg

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    Posted by Johnson Ike on Aug 30, 2019

    Great product..

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