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Gulfsea Hyperbar LCM 2 Lithium/Calcium EP Grease

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Gulfsea Hyperbar LCM 2 Lithium/Calcium EP Grease

Gulfsea Hyperbar LCM 2 grease is heavy duty, high performance lithium/calcium soap based grease with MoS2 for use in a wide range of marine, industrial and automotive applications. It is manufactured from high quality solvent refined base oils and performance additives to provide good structural stability, resistance to water washout and effective protection from wear and corrosion. It is specially designed to deliver outstanding performance in arduous automotive, marine and mining applications.

Features and Benefits

• Outstanding extreme pressure and anti-wear properties extend bearing life under heavy and shock-load conditions

• Excellent mechanical stability and resistance to softening ensures long lubricant life and prevents leak out of bearings even in the presence of water

• Very good corrosion protection and resistance to water washout resulting in improved component protection and equipment life

• Good adhesive property ensures that the grease stays in place for longer relubrication intervals.

• High drop point ensures extended operating range of up to 140ºC.


• Heavy duty equipments used in marine, off-shore, cement, mining / quarrying, agriculture & forestry / logging and other industrial applications under severe conditions.

• Off-highway applications and other arduous automotive applications like “fifth wheel lubrication”

• General lubrication of machinery, antifriction bearings, sleeve & guide bearings, oscillating bearings

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