Kaierda Inverter DC MMA Welding Machine ZX7-315N

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 Kaierda Inverter DC MMA Welding Machine ZX7-315N


GZ Industrial Supplies Nigeria is the welding machine supplier in Nigeria, 

 The DC MMA similar characteristics to AC welding machine.

High Max output voltage,  which keeps it stable against voltage fluctuations.
Inner-loop control for quick system respondence.
Peak current control mode makes the power devices stable against frequent short circuit shocks.
Has an active arc thrust function, improve the metal transfer.
Digital display function, very easy to operate and it has low power consumption


Welding machine ZX7-315N
Zero-load voltage(V): 67
Load voltage(V): 21.2-32.6
Rated welding current(A): 315
Range of output current(A) 30-315
Rated input capacity(KVA) 12
Input power 3phase, AC380, 50/60Hz
Rated duty cycle (%): 60%
Efficiency (%) ≥ 85%
Cosφ 0.99
Class of insulation: H
Protection degree of enclosure: IP21S
Dimension(mm): 482× 252× 460
Weight (kg): 18

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