Multi-purpose threshing machine

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Multi-purpose threshing machine

Multi-purpose threshing machine

GZ Industrial Supplies is the distributor of Hozain Agricultural Machinery in Nigeria. A Multi-purpose Corn Threshing Machine is a total solution for grain separation and cleaning Being multi-purpose and a seed clean rate of 100%, it can thresh and clean different type of crop seeds like chia, fonio, sesame, quinoa, sorghum, millet, vegetable seeds, wheat, paddy, soya bean, lentil, mung bean and other beans, etc. With a simple operating system, this machine has a powerful vibration cleaning screen and air blower, so in fact it can also be used as a multi-crops cleaning machine because after the first round of threshing and cleaning, the cleanliness of the seeds has reached 99.5%, then you can put the seeds into the machine again for cleaning until you are satisfied



  • A portable machine with thick steel frame work and motorable wheels
  • 4hp diesel generator or 2.2-3kw electric motor. And electric motor can be customized according to your local voltage, hertz, single-phase or three-phase.
  • Simple to operate
  • Best result


 Thick steel plate with quench and carborization, better toughness and hardness (thickness 6mm, and 120kg weight, 40% heavier then other brands), and meets the national quality standard GB/T 5982-2017;

  •  Less dust and low noise during work, tighter sealing at the connection;
  • The sieve mesh is tailor-made for all kinds of common seeds (the advantage of the factory);
  •  Bigger wheels, easier to move, with wheels diameter 50cm;     
  •  Equipped with most famous brands diesel engines in China, like Changchai; 
  •  Passed SGS quality inspection, and has COC quality inspection certificate issued by SGS;
  •  Longer service life up to 20 years; 
  •  Provide sufficient spare parts for at least 5 years of use, such as belts, ball bearings, swing hammers, screws, inner tubes of the tyres, etc.;
  •  Provide 3-year warranty! During warranty period, if there is any quality problem with any part of the machine, our factory replaces the new parts for free by express in 3 days!! 
  •  All English markings of machines and diesel engines, and professional English manuals, or manuals in Spanish, French, Russian, etc. according to your demand.  

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