oxygen/acetylene flashback arrestor

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Our Flashback arrestor is an Oxygen/Acetylene flashback arrestor for 8mm hose or other sizes.

Features / Specifications of Oxygen/Acetylene flashback arrestor

Suits all standard BOC, CIG, Liquid Air and Generic Torches and Hoses 

  • ISO 9001 Certified 
  • Max Flow Oxygen ~ 7000 lph 
  • Max Flow Acetylene ~ 2600 lph
  • Max Operating Pressure Oxygen ~ 10 Bar / 140 psi 
  • Max Operating Pressure Acetylene ~ 1.5 Bar / 21 ps
  • Labelling may vary from batch to batch

Importance of Flashback Arrestors

Flashback arrestors (FBA’s) are commonly used safety devices that stop or impede the progress of a flame front upstream of the insertion point.  Probably 90% of all FBA’s used on oxy-fuel cutting and heating torches are designs which have sintered stainless steel elements. The remainder are designs which use coiled tubing to quench the heat associated with a flashback flame. These elements quench the flame front as it propagates back upstream toward the torch and/or regulator.  FBA’s are generally reliable in performing the intended function so long as the device is used according to the manufacturer’s instructions. 

There are two types of sintered element arrestors.  One is mounted onto the outlet of regulators and the other is mounted onto the inlet of torches. Regulator arrestors are typically larger and have a higher flow capacity than torch models because the sintered element has more surface area allowing for more flow.  The sizes of torch mount arrestors are limited so as not to make the torch too cumbersome to handle.  Torch arrestors are preferred because their location is ideal for preventing reverse flow flashbacks into the hoses.  If regulator mount arrestors are used, flashbacks can still occur in the hoses with a high potential for injury.  Regulator mount arrestors are used when higher flows are needed and these will protect regulators and cylinders from the effects of flashback.

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2 Reviews

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    Posted by Engr joshua akuraya on Oct 03, 2023

    After buying several flashback arrestors from other organizations which have failed me regularly sometimes leading to serious accident and injuries, I bumped into this product from GZ-SUPPLIES and it was fantastic. I duly recommend it.

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    It has served me well than any other flashback/Regulator

    Posted by Engineer Ken on Aug 05, 2018

    It has served me well than any other flashback/Regulator i have ever used

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