Power Transformer ABB 200KVA 11.0/0.415KV

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ABB 200KVA 11.0/0.415KV
ABB 200KVA 11.0/0.415KV
810.00 KGS
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Power Transformer ABB 200KVA 11.0/0.415KV 

GZ Industrial Supplies is the supplier and distributor of ABB brand of Power Transformer in Nigeria. Our Power Transformer ABB 200KVA 11.0/0.415KV is part of a complete range of copper distribution transformers designed to grant the reliability, durability, and efficiency required in utility, industrial, and commercial applications. Our distribution transformers are designed and manufactured to the highest quality standards to ensure enduring reliability, a characteristic necessary to foster peace of mind amongst customers and consumers. 

Technical Specifications of Power Transformer ABB 200KVA 11.0/0.415KV 

  • Product name Liquid-Filled Transformer: 200 kVA, LV 415yn
  • Rated Power 200[kVA] 
  • Insulation Liquid Mineral Oil
  • High voltage tappings (DETC) 5%~+5%
  • Low voltage at no load 415[V] 
  • Number of phases 3
  • Vector Group: Dyn11
  • Location Indoor/Outdoor
  • Rate Voltage: 11-0,415KV
  • No-Load Current: 1.5%
  • No-Load Losses: 480W
  • Load Losses: 2730W
  • Gross Weight 810KG
  • Certification: ISO9001-2000, ISO9001, CCC

Frequently Asked Questions

 1. What does a transformer rating mean?

The rating of a transformer is the maximum power which can be drawn from it without the temperature rise in the winding to go over what is considered safe for the specific kind of insulation used. 

 2. Can transformers be operated at voltages other than the prescribed voltages?

Transformers can sometimes be used at voltages that are lower than the rated voltage. However the voltage rating of a transformer should NEVER be exceeded unless taps are provided for this reason. Note, when operating below the rated voltage the KVA capacity is reduced correspondingly.

3. How much would a new transformer save?

Since transformer technology has advanced dramatically over time, there are more benefits to upgrading an outdated transformer. An old transformer may have an average energy efficiency rating of 85%, which means 15% of the energy is wasted. The energy efficiency of a contemporary low loss transformer can reach 99.75%. 

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7 Reviews

  • 5

    Posted by Emuejevoke Temple on Nov 17, 2023

    This so exceptional, very dependable.

  • 5

    Posted by Mr. Ekrakpoariemu on Nov 17, 2023

    The Quality is the best. full supply of power. i highly recommend it.

  • 5

    Posted by Ejiro Marvelous on Nov 17, 2023

    The number 1 power transformer so far, no shortage of current supply, no leakage of oil , no complain for over 7 years of installment.

  • 5

    Posted by Engr. Oteri on Nov 17, 2023

    For over 6 years i installed this Power Transformer no complain, the line currents are working perfectly well.

  • 5
    very dependable

    Posted by Chief Thomas Ube on Nov 26, 2020

    As a community head, I always go for quality products, so I always go for GZ Industrial Supplies product.

  • 5
    very dependable

    Posted by Kenneth Lake on Nov 11, 2020

    serves very well

  • 5
    Top Notch

    Posted by Engr. Jackson Mbai on Jul 30, 2019

    Been searching for a place to purchase quality transformer, but I think the search is over. Found myself a top notch transformer here, thanks.

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