Rakshak Kit (Essential) Karam

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Rakshak Kit (Essential) Karam

Rakshak Kit (Essential) Karam

GZ Industrial Supplies is the distributor of KARAM Safety Equipment in Nigeria. The Rakshak Kit (Essential) Karam is designed to minimize the risk of, and provide protection against, the danger of falling from heights while painting on exteriors and facades. Our Rakshak Kit (Essential) Karam is specifically designed for painters to meet their specific requirements ensuring their complete safety along with high comfort levels.

Properties of Rakshak Kit (Essential) KARAM

  • Tower Harness( PN 56)
  • Grip Descender (PN 401)
  • Steel Quarter Turn locking Karabiner (PN 111)
  • Openable Protective Sleeve (PR 02)
  • Twin tools Lanyard (TL02)
  • Galvanized steel Rope Grab (PN 112)
  • Kernmantle rope anchorage Line (PN 950)
  • Cross Arm Strap (PN 803)
  • Easy Seat (IMP 004)
  • Deluxe Universal Kit Bag (BG 63)

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