Sinopec 20w-50 Engine Oil SF/CD 1 liter keg

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Sinopec Engine Oil 20W-50 SF/CD Engine Oil 1 Liter

Sinopec 20w-50 Engine Oil SF/CD 1 liter keg

GZ industrial supplies Nigeria is a distributor of Sinopec Lubricants in Nigeria, Our Sinopec 20W-50 SF/CD 1 liter keg is the best engine oil in Nigeria

Sinopec 20w-50 Engine Oil SF/CD 1 liter keg description. 

SINOPEC JUSTAR J500 20W-50 Engine Oil(SL/CF) is formulated with highly refined base oils and a high-quality multifunctional additive system. This multipurpose oil can be used in many petrol and diesel passenger cars and light vehicles operating under normal or elevated ambient operating conditions, providing excellent engine protection.

Applications of engine oil: 

SINOPEC JUSTAR J500 20W-50 Engine Oil(SL/CF)is suitg for use in:
■  Petrol engines in present and earlier passenger cars, sport utilr D vehicles, vans and light
    trucks working under normal operas conditions and following vehicle manufacturers\' 
    recommenc maintenance procedures.
■  Direct andindirect injection diesel engines, which may be nature aspirated, turbocharged or
    supercharged, working under loads.
■  Older vehicle engines requiring a heavier viscosity crankcase oil.
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