Air compressor filter regulator-lubricator 1/2

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GZ Industrial Supplies is the supplier of Air compressor filter regulator-lubricator 1/2

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Two unit air combination:AC series.air filter regulator+lubricator. equivalent to SMC Series

PT,G and NPT thread are all available.

Port size:1/2" 

Long service of life, easy to control and maintain. call for availability or contact us


Frequently asked questions FAQ

What does air filters do? 

Air leaving a compressor is hot, dirty, and wet—which can damage and shorten the life of downstream equipment, such as valves and cylinders. Before air can be used it needs to be filtered, regulated and lubricated.


An air line filter cleans compressed air. It strains the air and traps solid particles (dust, dirt, rust) and separates liquids (water, oil) entrained in the compressed air. Filters are installed in the air line upstream of regulators, lubricators, directional control valves, and air driven devices such as cylinders and air motors. 

what types of air filters are there?

There are three types of filters. General purpose, Coalescing (oil removal), and Vapor removal. General Purpose are used to remove water and particles, Coalescing to remove oil and Vapor removal to remove oil vapor and odor.

What does pressure regulators do?

Pressure regulators reduce and control fluid pressure in compressed air systems. Regulators are also frequently referred to as PRVs (pressure reducing valves). Optimally, a pressure regulator maintains a constant output pressure regardless of variations in the input pressure and downstream flow requirements. In practice, output pressure is influenced to some degree by variations in primary pressure and flow.

what does air lubricators do? 

A lubricator adds controlled quantities of oil into a compressed air system to reduce the friction of moving components

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3 Reviews

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    Great product

    Posted by Nandy Steppy on Jun 09, 2021

    It was delivered late. but good product

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    very accurate

    Posted by kainde ade on Jun 16, 2021

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  • 5

    very sophistication

    Posted by Nnamdi papa on Jun 10, 2021

    very effective in mechanism, available in gz industrial supplies. ABRO AIR COMPRESSOR FILTER REGULATOR-LUBRICATOR 1/2 [ https://www.gz-supplies.com/air-compressor-filter-regulator-lubricator-1-2/ ]

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