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Aluminium Ladder 36ft Hellog Energy

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Hellog Energy AL 36Ft
Hellog Energy AL 36Ft
20.00 KGS
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Aluminium Ladder 36ft Hellog Energy 

GZ Industrial Supplies is the foremost supplier of Hellog Energy Ladders in Nigeria. This Aluminium Ladder 36ft Hellog Energy is single sided stepladder, now loaded with new advanced features.  A magnetic strip and hardware bins keep parts and tools easily accessible and secure. The right handed drill hammer slot and pipe channel are conveniently located for ease of use. Comfortable slip resistant steps.

Our Auminium Ladder 36ft Hellog Energy comes in a vertical or inclined set of rungs or steps. There are two types: rigid ladders that can be leaned against a vertical surface such as a wall, and rope ladders that are hung from the top. The vertical members of a rigid ladder are called stringers or rails (US) or stiles (UK). Rigid ladders are usually portable, but some types are permanently fixed to buildings. They are commonly made of metal, wood, or Fiberglass, but they have been known to be made of tough plastic.

Technical Specification of Aluminium Ladder 36ft Hellog Energy

Brand: Hellog Energy

Size:  36ft

Weight: 20kg

Material: Aluminium

Colour: Grey


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