Bostik CemenTech C1 Duo Crystallized Waterproofing Mortar 25Kg

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Bostik CemenTech C1 Duo
Bostik CemenTech C1 Duo
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Bostik CemenTech C1 Duo Crystallized Waterproofing Mortar 25Kg 

GZ Industrial Supplies is the Distributors of Bostik Adhesive Products in Nigeria. This Bostik CemenTech C1 Duo Crystallized Waterproofing Mortar is a cement based, one-component, brush consistency, light-red colored powder sealing slurry that is reinforced by polymeric additives, and used in the solution of problems arising from capillary effects. It is used in both positive and negative side of waterproofing of garages, terraces, foundations and basements. CemenTech C1 Duo creates crystals that don’t melt within water when it reacts with water and renders the concrete water-tight permanently upon penetration of these crystals into the capillary vessels of the concrete.

Application Areas;

- Interior and exterior,
- On walls, grounds or ceilings,
- In continuously wet, humid and damp areas such as
garage, balcony, terrace and cellar,
- Water tanks, pools, reservoirs and storage tanks,
- In foundations, external walls of cellars, underground and
surface construction works,
- In amelioration, restoration and renovation works of old

Features of Bostik CemenTech C1 Duo Crystallized Waterproofing Mortar 25Kg 

- Reinforced with polymeric additives.
- Produces crystals that do not melt in water when reacted
with water.
- When applied on lean concrete, as soon as getting cured,
it silicatizes the free lime on the concrete and makes it
impenetrable along the edge.
- Resistant to heavy weather conditions.
- Features hydraulic adhesion quality.
- Used in any kind of bonded and plastered surface such as
stone and stone-derivative brick, pumice brick, briquette,
aerated concrete, limestone, etc.

- Prevents wetness and water accumulation on cement-
based plastered surfaces.

- Prevents humidity and moisture permanently and
eliminates unpressurized and weak water leakages.
- Protects surfaces against destructive effects of humidity
and moisture.
- Nonflammable. 

Technical Specifications of Bostik CemenTech C1 Duo Crystallized Waterproofing Mortar 25Kg 

Color: Light red
Applicable Thickness (mm): 2
Dry Unit Volume Weight (kg / lt): 1,3 ± 0,2
Wet Unit Volume Weight (kg / lt): 1,9 ± 0,2
Waiting Time in Container (min): ~ 30
Drying Time (hour): ~ 24
Carbondioxide Permeability (m): >50
Permeability to Water-vapour (m): Class I ; Sd <5
Adhesion Strength (28 days) (N / mm2): > 1
Capillary Water Absorption (<0,1kg/m2.h0,5): <0,1
Mixing water amount (for 25 kg dry mortar): 6,5 – 7,0 lt
Application Temperature: Between +5°C and +35°C

Resistance of hardened Coating: Between -25°C and +80°C

Contact us for further details and availability within the storefront in your location. 

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2 Reviews

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    Posted by Matthew on May 24, 2024

    Excellent waterproofing material perfect for constructions. I highly recommend this product for it's efficiency. Thanks Gz for the recommendation. I am glad that I gave it a try.

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    Posted by Worlu on May 24, 2024

    After researching various waterproofing options for my outdoor deck, I decided to go with Bostik Cementech C1 Duo based on positive reviews, and I'm glad I did. It's been several months since I applied it, and my deck still looks as good as new. Even during heavy storms, there's no sign of water penetration. Definitely worth the investment.

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