Bostik Cementone SBR Admixture White 5Ltr

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Bostik Cementone SBR Admixture White 5Ltr

Bostik Cementone SBR Admixture White 5Ltr

Strengthens & waterproofs concrete & mortar

Bostick Cementone SBR is a specially modified Styrene Butadiene Co-polymer Latex for cement and mortar. It toughens, waterproofs and improves chemical and abrasion resistance of renders, screeds and other cement based mixes. It is recommended for use in effluent tanks, dairies, food factories, fertiliser stores and other demanding situations. Cementone SBR is an excellent all round primer and bonding admixture

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• Improves adhesion.
• Toughens floors and screeds.
• Provides superior frost, water, chemical and abrasion resistance.
• Ideal for damp and wet conditions.
• Improves workability of mix.
• Reduces water content of mix.
• Improves flexibility, reduces cracking.

• Pointing, patching and bedding.
• Waterproof rendering, tanking and flooring.
• Bonding aid for render and plaster.
• Primer systems.

1.Concrete Repair - Application
• If steel reinforcement is exposed wire brush or grit-blast to remove rust and scale.
• Prime exposed steel using Bonding Primer 2. Allow to firm.
• Dampen surrounding concrete. Then apply Bonding Primer 2 over entire area (including reinforcing) to be repaired.
• Apply MIX 1 while the primer coat is still wet.
• Prime both surfaces with Bonding Primer 1.
• While the primer is still wet butter 1 of the surfaces with MIX 1
- Provide temporary support if necessary.
• For thin joins use fine graded sands (to BS 1199 : Type B). Keep water content to a minimum.
• Apply Bonding Primer 1 into dampened joints. Prime small areas at a time to avoid primer drying out before pointing is completed.
• Point joints with MIX 1, while Bonding Primer is still wet.
4.Waterproof Renders
• Apply slurry - Bonding Primer 2 stipple to provide key and allow to dry.
• Apply second slurry coat at right angles to the first, ideally stipple to key.
• Apply first render MIX 2 while second slurry coat is still wet to a minimum
thickness of 6 mm.
• After no more than 8 hours apply second render coat to a maximum thickness of 6 mm. If more than 8 hours has elapsed apply a bonding slurry between coats.
• Prevent from drying out during the first 48 hours by covering with polythene or mist spraying with water when initially firm.
5.Tanking - Cellars, Swimming Pools, Ponds, Storage Tanks etc. for New or Existing Sound Constructions e.g. dense concrete, engineering bricks of minimum compressive strength 40 N/mm2.
• Rake out all unsound joints and repoint as detailed in 3. above. Allow to cure for at least 24 hours.
• Dampen surfaces.
• Apply slurry - Bonding Primer 2 - brushing in vigorously and stipple to key.
• Bed a fillet of MIX 1 at the junction of the floor and wall while slurry is still wet.
• Allow to harden (minimum 16 hours maximum 72 hours) then brush apply
second coat of Bonding Primer 2 at right angles to previous coat.
Stipple to key.
• Apply Render MIX 2 coats as detailed in 4. above.
• For areas subject to very high water pressure and where walls or floors are in poor condition consult BS 8102 : 1990.
• Prevent from drying out during the first 48 hours by covering with polythene or mist spraying with water when initially firm.

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