Fuchs Marine Renolit FLM 2

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Fuchs Marine Renolit FLM 2

Fuchs Marine Renolit FLM 2 is a smooth, highly water resistant and work stable lithium soap grease containing additives to improve its oxidation resistance, corrosion protection and EP/anti-wear properties. RENOLIT FLM 2 is based on a special mineral oil and contains a package of solid lubricants including molybdenum disulphide to provide good emergency running properties.


RENOLIT FLM 2 is recommended for lubrication of all types of plain and roller bearings subject to heavy or shock loads or extended re-greasing intervals.

RENOLIT FLM 2 is applied for lubrication of agricultural and construction machinery, trucks, as well as in bearings used in the stone-, mining- and rubber industry, and in concrete plants.


• Water resistant                           • Work stable

• Aging resistant                           • High loadable

• Good corrosion protection            • Good anti-wear properties

• Contains MoS2                            • Reliable behaviour at heavy loads and shock loads

• Suitable for extended re-greasing intervals

• Good emergency running properties


Classification        DIN 51502          KPF2N-30

Classification          ISO 6743-9      ISO-L-X-CDEB 2

Thickener                 Lithium

Base oil                    Mineral oil

Solid lubricants     Yes

NL GI grade           2

Base oil viscosity at 40 °C               100 mm²/s

Temperature range        -30/+140 °C

Approvals, recommendations           MAN 285

Base oil viscosity at 40°C at           100°C mm²/s


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