Inverter 1.5KVA/24V Zelio Luminous

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Luminous 1.5KVA/24V Zelio
Luminous 1.5KVA/24V
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Inverter 1.5KVA/24V Zelio Luminous

GZ Industrial Supplies Nigeria is the distributor of Luminous brand of Inverters, Batteries and UPS systems in Nigeria. Our Inverter 1.5KVA/24V Zelio Luminous  Delivers Pure Sine Wave Power Output. The Inverter 1.5KVA/24V Zelio luminous has 1200 watts maximum load rating, Voltage Tolerance Range: 110-290V,State-of-the art high performance,32 bit DSP Processor Ensures Intelligent operation, Inverter 1.5KVA/24V Zelio Luminous also offers Simple and Intuitive LED User-interface display, Shows Power back up time display in hours & minutes,Built-in Input mains protection through MCB, Hassle Free battery water level maintenance if Using Flooded Battery,Zelio Supports wide battery range: Flat Plate, Tubular & VRLA (SMF), Zelio’s Bypass Switch is Handy in Fault Situation

Inverter 1.5KVA/24V Zelio Luminous(1500VA 2-battery inverter) brings you advanced features for reliable high performance. Indian inverter manufacturing company, Luminous Power Technologies Pvt. Ltd, launched this advanced technology, low-cost-range inverter model which it considers India's most intelligent Home UPS. The Inverter 1.5KVA/24V Zelio Luminous offers intelligent operation, enabled by its 32-bit DSP processor, ensuring that it delivers maximum efficiency. The new Zelio brings unique features such as display of available power back-up time in hours and minutes and built-in MCB protection.

Inverter 1.5KVA/24V Zelio Luminous is also equipped with a bypass switch to enable the user easily bypass the inverter in the event of any malfunctioning. That way, the user continues to enjoy power supply from the grid or a generator. Without a bypass, supply from those sources will not be available to appliances connected to an inverter, if the inverter has a supply problem. Inverter 1.5KVA/24V Zelio Luminous is a state-of-the-art high performance Home UPS with a simple and intuitive LED display to show vital operational status of the inverter, so the user has a clear picture of how the inverter is running.

The Inverter 1.5KVA/24V Zelio Luminous will serve an average home, supporting the regular appliances, excluding high capacity equipment like fridges, freezers, air conditioners etc. In effect, fans, TV, lighting and low-power appliances in a home can be supported by the Inverter 1.5KVA/24V Zelio Luminous. Full rating is 1200 watts, though total load should be much lower to deliver reasonable backup time. The durability of the Inverter 1.5KVA/24V Zelio Luminous is enhanced by its many protection features, ensuring the ruggedness to continue functioning even is a relatively hostile operating environment. Overload protection, deep discharge protection, short-circuit protection, reverse polarity protection and input mains protection through MCB are some of the safeguards to ensure the Inverter 1.5KVA/24V Zelio Luminous continues to deliver uninterrupted performance.

Features of Inverter 1.5KVA/24V Zelio Luminous

  • Zelio Delivers Pure Sine Wave Power Output
  • 1.5kVA Zelio has 1200 watts maximum load rating
  • Voltage Tolerance Range: 110-290V
  • Designed for State-of-the-art high performance
  • 32 bit DSP Processor Ensures Intelligent operation
  • Luminous Zelio has Simple and Intuitive LED User-interface display
  • Zelio provides Power back up time display in hours & minutes
  • You also get Input mains protection through MCB
  • Hassle Free battery water level maintenance if Using Flooded Battery
  • Zelio Supports wide battery range: Flate Plate, Tubular & VRLA (SMF)
  • Zelio's Bypass Switch is Handy in Fault Situation

Technical Specification of Inverter 1.5KVA/24V Zelio Luminous

Key Features of
Inverter 1.5KVA/24V Zelio Luminous 
- Power Backup display time in Hours & Minutes
- Wide Voltage Tolerance Range: 110-290V
- 32 bit DSP Processor for Intelligent operation
- Simple and Intuitive LED User-interface display
- Built-in Bypass Switch


Sample Running Load > 6 CFL light bulbs
> 3 Ceiling Fans
> 1 Television
> Decoder, Music System
> Or Equivalent


Product Color Blue


Battery Support All Brands & All Types 


Battery System Double battery / 24V


Weight 10 Kg.


Dimension  27 * 24 *12 CM 


Wave Type Pure Sine Wave


Rated Capcity 1200 VA


Voltage Range 110V - 285V


UPS Mode voltage window:



180V – 230 V
Protection Overload, deep discharge, short-circuit, Reverse polarity & Input mains protection through MCB.


Frequently Asked Questions about Inverters 
1. Can I install an inverter myself? 

The installation of an inverter depends on the specific circumstances and complexity of the system. Some simple inverters can be installed by individuals, while others may require professional installation, especially in larger or more complex setups. Always consult the manufacturer's guidelines and local electrical codes when installing an inverter.

2. How long will a battery last with an inverter? 

According to what we have studied above, a 12V vehicle battery should probably last 10-17 hours when connected to an inverter. Although there is a particular formula that you may follow, it will be dependent on the load and ampere-hour the battery packs

3. How long will TV run on an inverter? 

1200 VA / 720 Watt inverter with 1 battery will power a TV, DSTV, Computer, a few lamps and cell phone charger for up to 4 hours.

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