Jotun marine paint Jotamastic 87 AL Standard 20Liters

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Jotun marine paint Jotamastic 87 AL Standard 20Liters

Jotun marine paint Jotamastic 87 AL Standard 20Liters

GZ industrial supplies this Jotun marine paint and this version is supplied with the standard hardener for use at temperatures above 10°C. For use as a first coat direct on to steel surfaces where high standards of surface preparation have not been possible. For subsequent coats use coloured Jotamastic 87.

Jotun marine paints Jotomastic 87 AL

Thinning by 10% with Jotun Thinners 17 is essential when using airless spray and is recommended when using a brush or roller. Jotamastic 87 can be used alone or in combination with single pack (not Pilot II) or two-pack topcoats. It may also be used as a primer over single pack paint systems prior to applying a two-pack topcoat. Jotamastic 87 gives excellent corrosion protection both in salt and fresh water.

Applied at the correct film thickness to properly prepared steel, it is able to prevent corrosion for up to 15 years.

Pack size:

4.4 litres and 17.4 litres including hardener

Main product features

Aluminium flakes provide extreme corrosion protection and exceptional water resistance.

Application areas and suitability

Tick Above Water
Tick Below Water
Tick Concrete
Tick Steel


Application method Brush, roller or high pressure airless spray
Coverage 6-8 m² per litre
No. of recommended coats 1
Drying time @ 23°C 8 hours
Curing time @ 23°C 7 days
Pot life @ 23°C 1.5 hours
Thinner Jotun Thinners No. 17 or SML Epoxy Thinner
Water resistance Excellent
Chemical resistance Limited
Solvent resistance Good
Gloss Semi-gloss
Gloss Retention Very good
Colour Retention Good