Light gauge steel roof trusses for roofing

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  • light Gauge Steel Roof Trusses For Roofing
  • light Gauge Steel Roof Trusses For Roofing
  • light Gauge Steel Roof Trusses For Roofing


light Gauge Steel Roof Trusses For Roofing

GZ Industrial Supplies is a distributor and supplier of Structural steel Materials in Nigeria. Our light Gauge Steel Roof Trusses have a greater life expectancy than hardwood. They are lightweight, making them easy to bring along and install.The Light Gauge Steel Trusses are also fireproof and work well with all types of roofing materials, making them ideal for residential and commercial roofing in Nigeria

Benefits Of light Gauge Steel Roof Trusses

Resilient and easy to maintain

Light Gauge Steel has an unusually long life, which is a significant advantage in building and roofing applications. Furthermore, it requires little to no upkeep.

Flexible design and simple installation

Light gauge steel is adaptable and can be utilized in structures that demand larger spans without the use of intermediary columns. It can also be installed fast because it arrives premade, and it is portable making it easy to move about.

Solid and light

Light gauge steel is lightweight, making it easier to handle and install without requiring heavy equipment or tools. Light gauge steel is also quite strong.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1 What are light gauge trusses?

Light gauge steel trusses, also referred to as cold-formed steel trusses, are comprised of high-quality sheet steel that has been roll-formed into various shapes. And they're more than just a lovely face in the construction industry; light gauge steel trusses have emerged as a significant changer, transforming how structures are created.

Q2 What is the maximum span for steel roof trusses?

Steel trusses can range in length from 10 feet to over 300 feet.

Q3 How many types of steel truss are there?

These can be considered just a few of the steel trusses commonly used in building. Other truss kinds include bowstring, lenticular, vierendeel, octet, flat, and scissor. Choose a structural steel fabricator who can fabricate a variety of steel trusses based on your construction demands.

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5 Reviews

  • 5


    Posted by Atere Daniel on Jun 25, 2024

    The Installation process for this gauge steel for roofing makes my construction work so much easier

  • 5


    Posted by Jideonwor Gabriel on Jun 25, 2024

    My construction jobs got so much easier with this Steel from Gz. Thanks for always delivering on Time

  • 5


    Posted by Jidenna Ekene on Jun 25, 2024

    You can't get more Durable steel than this product from GZ Industrial Supplies, I'm glad I made my purchase from them

  • 5


    Posted by Udoka Obasi on Jun 25, 2024

    The best steel for your roofing, absolutely recommend this!

  • 5


    Posted by Idoko Chris on Jun 25, 2024

    These light-gauge Gauge Steel Roof Trusses have been making my construction projects so easy, I highly recommend them.

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