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LubeMax ISO 32 VG Anti-Wear 200L

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LubeMax ISO 32 VG Anti-Wear
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LubeMax ISO 32 VG Anti-Wear

GZ Industrial Supplies is the distributor and supplier of Lubemax lubricant in Nigeria. LubeMax ISO 32 VG Anti-wear fluids are high performance hydraulic fluids that use unique technology with excellent viscosity control under both severe mechanical stress and across a wide range of temperatures. They provide outstanding protection and performance in most mobile equipment and other applications subjected to wider ranges of ambient or operating temperatures.


Mobile/exterior hydraulic applications

Hydraulic and fluid power transmission systems in exposed environments can be subject to wide variations in temperature. The high viscosity index of LubeMax ISO 32 VG Anti-Wear helps deliver responsive performance from cold start conditions to full load, severe duty operation.

Precision hydraulic systems

Precision hydraulic systems require excellent control of fluid viscosity over the operating cycle. LubeMax ISO 32 VG Anti-Wear provides greater temperature-viscosity stability compared to ISO HM fluids that can help improve the performance of such systems.

Features And Benefits Of  LubeMax ISO 32 VG Anti-Wear


Long fluid life – Maintenance saving

LubeMax ISO 32 VG Anti-Wear help extend equipment maintenance intervals by resisting thermal and chemical breakdown. This minimizes sludge formation and provides excellent performance in the industry standard ASTM D943 TOST test (Turbine Oil Stability Test), providing better reliability and system cleanliness.

LubeMax ISO 32 VG Anti-Wear also have good stability in the presence of moisture, which ensures long fluid life and reduces the risk of corrosion and rusting, particularly in moist or humid environments.

Highly shear stable viscosity modifiers help minimize variations in the fluid properties throughout the fluid drain interval.

Outstanding wear protection

Proven zinc-based anti-wear additives are incorporated to be effective throughout the range of operating conditions, including low load and severe duty high load conditions.

Outstanding performance in a range of piston and vane pump tests, including the tough Denison T6C (dry and wet versions) and the demanding Vickers 35VQ25, demonstrates

LubeMax ISO 32 VG Anti-Wear can help system components last longer.

Maintaining system efficiency

The extended temperature range capability of LubeMax ISO 32 VG Anti-Wear allows efficient operation of mobile equipment from cold start to normal operating conditions.

Superior cleanliness, excellent filterability and high performance water separation, air release and anti-foam characteristics all help contribute to maintaining or enhancing the efficiency of hydraulic systems.

Technical Properties Of  LubeMax ISO 32 VG Anti-Wear



ISO Viscosity Grade


ISO Fluid Type


Kinematic Viscosity @-20oC   cSt


Kinematic Viscosity @40oC   cSt


Kinematic Viscosity @100oC cSt


Viscosity Index


Density                   @15oC   kg/m2


Flash point(COC)                   oC


Pour Point                               oC


Dielectric Strength                 kV




1. How does anti-wear hydraulic fluid work?

Anti-wear hydraulic fluids contain anti-wear additives that create a protective film on metal surfaces, minimizing metal-to-metal contact and reducing wear.

2. How often should anti-wear hydraulic fluid be changed or replaced?

The frequency of changing or replacing anti-wear hydraulic fluid depends on several factors, such as the type and quality of the fluid, the operating conditions of the system, the maintenance schedule and the manufacturer’s recommendations. Generally, it is advisable to change or replace the fluid when it shows signs of degradation, contamination or performance loss.

3. What does ISO stand for in hydraulic oil?

ISO stands for International Organization for Standardization. ISO is a numerical rating system for the viscosity of oils and lubricants called ISO viscosity grade (ISO VG). ISO VG indicates the resistance to flow of a liquid at a specific temperature. ISO VG is commonly used to classify and compare different types of hydraulic oils. The number following "ISO VG" (e.g., ISO VG 32) indicates the fluid's kinematic viscosity at 40°C (104°F). Higher ISO viscosity grades correspond to thicker fluids, while lower grades represent thinner fluids.


Where Is Hydraulic Oil used


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    This made me won a contract after running a sample test with it, good quality product.

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    nice viscosity

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    my first purchase here, definitely will come back again,. great product and sharp delivery.

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    great product

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    This is my second time of procuring stuff from GZ Industrial supplies, u people always got the best.

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