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LubeMax Pneumatic /Air Tool Oil

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LubeMax Pneumatic /Air Tool Oil
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LubeMax Pneumatic /Air Tool Oil

GZ Industrial Supplies is the distributor and supplier of lubemax products in Nigeria. LubeMax Pneumatic Air Tool Oil are specialty Lubricants formulated to meet the severe demands of pneumatic percussion tools such as rock drill, special additives provide the capability for these oils to provide effective air cylinder lubrication even with wet air conditions.

Features and Benefits of LubeMax Pneumatic /Air Tool Oil

LubeMax Pneumatic Air tool oil meets the following specifications

* Ingersoll-Rand

* Sullivan 

*Gardener Denver

Applications of LubeMax Pneumatic /Air Tool Oil

LubeMax Pneumatic Air tool Oil can be used in all air operated tools, such as Jackhammers, and drifters. The Four ISO Grades can be used in these temperature ranges Iso Grade, 22, 32, (temperature range deg. F) 0 to 70 Iso Grade 68 , 100 (temperature range deg. F) 40 to 90.

Frequently Asked Questions.
1. Can I over-lubricate my pneumatic tools?

Over-lubricating pneumatic tools can lead to the accumulation of excess oil, which may attract dust and dirt and potentially cause performance issues. Follow manufacturer recommendations for proper lubrication.

2. Can I use any type of oil for pneumatic tools?

It's recommended to use specifically formulated pneumatic/air tool oil, as it contains additives designed to withstand the unique conditions and demands of air-powered tools.

3. How often should I lubricate my pneumatic tools?

The frequency of lubrication depends on factors such as the type of tool, usage frequency, and manufacturer recommendations. Typically, it's recommended to lubricate pneumatic tools before each use

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