Industrial benefits of Argon gas

Industrial Benefits of Argon Gas

Argon is a noble gas and its common application is in the creation of double glazed windows. This gas provides several benefits that enhance the heating efficiency of a house, thereby reducing heating cost. Read on and discover the major advantages of argon.

Argon enhances the ability of a window to insulate through various ways. The thermal conductivity of argon is about 35% lower than that of normal air and this means that it will not conduct heat very quickly. When it is placed in double glazed windows, argon assists in keeping heat out during hot season and in during cold season. Argon gas can be purchased from our online store here.

It represents about 0.9% of the atmosphere. Its use is common because of its environmental friendly nature. Because of its abundance, it is relatively cheap to get


Another vital benefits of using argon to fill glasses is that increases the temperature of the glass. This increase in glass temperature substantially reduces or eliminates any condensation of the glass. It is also more comfy to be close to a warm surface, especially during cold season

 Its non- toxic nature, makes use of argon for cutting, arc welding, and window production  beneficial. Besides being safe to use, argon gas will not react to form new compounds, unlike oxygen, which normally reacts quickly with metals and causes damage and corrosion.
Its limited demerits makes it  easy to be used in the production of fluorescent tubes and light bulb continuously

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Feb 15, 2016 Chikamara Ukaejiofo

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