What Power Tools Do Electricians Use

What Power Tools Do Electricians Use

The demand for electricians can not be overemphasized, they are positioned to be in great demand in the years ahead because of constructions. Considering that nearly every building has some form of electrical power that brings a boom on prospects for electricians.

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Electricians are responsible for inspecting, testing, repairing, installing, and modifying electrical components and systems. Electricians generally work at homes, businesses, and construction sites and generally work as contractors.

Furthermore, an electrician is a tradesman specializing in electrical wiring of buildings, transmission lines, stationary machines, and related equipment. Electricians may be employed in the installation of new electrical components or the maintenance and repair of existing electrical infrastructure. They can also specialize in wiring ships, airplanes, and other mobile platforms as well as data and cable lines.Obviously, electricians cannot get their work done without the appropriate power tools as basic tools have been improved over the years and new specialized tools are developed to enhance the effectiveness of their work.

What Is A Power Tool

Power Tool is a device that is activated by a power source apart from manual labor. There are various types of power tools, e.g., electric screwdriver, hammer drills, and fast screw guns. The tools are used for construction and several-Do-It-Yourself jobs such as production, assembly, packaging, and maintenance. They are available in multiple sizes and shapes and are simple to operate.

Power tools are classified as either stationary or portable. Portable is the hand-held tool, which obviously has advantages in mobility. Stationary power tools, however, have its advantages in speed and precision.

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Ingco Autorange multimeter DM7504

Power Tools used by Electricians

There are various tools and devices electricians use. The tools are very essential for the electricians to carry out their job effectively. Here are some of the tools, though their needs vary depending on the type of work.

  • Power Drills and Drivers, Hammer/Drill: This is an essential feature for drilling anchors into stone, concrete, or other masonry.
  • Circular saws: This is basically needed in constructions. It is used for working in a wood-framed environment. It is most useful to rip down studs and make scabs or braces for light fixtures.
  • Hole Hawg: This is used when working in wooden structures or where you have more studs stacked together and you need to drill a hole through all of them to feed a wire through.
  • Sawzall: Electricians use sawzalls on a regular basis when doing construction and demo in various environments.
  • Jig Saw: This is a great tool for finishing work. It is used for precise cutting.
  • Angle Grinders: This tool is not used often but in a custom environment. Oftentimes, it is used in cutting out hardy boards, sheetrock, stone, steel, stainless, and sheet-metal.
  • Electric screwdrivers: This tool does the function of a manual screwdriver but with ease, with little exertion of energy and designed with the ergonomics of the user in mind.
  • Band saw: This is a very popular tool for electricians to keep around because of cutting metal conduit and strut so often. Band-saws offer cleaner cuts and the blades last far longer.

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Here are Some Other Tools that Electricians Cannot Do Without.

These tools are not power tools per se but are also of much value to most tradesmen and in this case electricians.


Two of the most common tools an electrician cannot work without are side-cutting pliers and long-nose or needle-nose pliers. These are used for bending and twisting wires whenever you are making screw-terminal connections.

Screwdrivers and Nut Drivers: 

Electricians keep screwdrivers (manual) with them at all times, for removing and installing cover plates, outlets, switches, and many other devices.

Wire Strippers: 

Another essential electrical specialty tool for homeowners is a good pair of wire strippers. Wire strippers are used to cut and strip insulation from electrical wires. A wire stripper tool has a row of gauged holes for stripping wires of different sizes, and it usually includes cutting jaws for trimming the wire ends.

We all know that the right tool can make all the difference when it comes to completing a project. They make the difference in terms of professionalism. The bottom line is, the better the tool, the better the outcome.

GZ Industrial Supplies stock the best brands of electrical tools in the industry at the best prices. This way you can get to work and get the job done correctly. The first step in determining the electrical tools you will need is to determine what task needs to be completed. Not every job will require specialty tools but using the right tool for the job will make all the difference. Click on the link below to find out the basic types of electrical tools we have, and learn more about tools every electrician should have.

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Frequently Asked Questions 

Q1 Why are power tools called power tools?

"A tool powered by any power source outside of direct human provided power and propulsion" is the fundamental definition of a power tool. Power tools can be used for home or DIY projects, building, maintenance, and even simple house upgrades.

Q2 What is the difference between a machine and a power tool?

Machine tools are used to cut, shape, or smooth metal. They are propelled by electricity or an internal combustion engine. On the other side, hand tools are powered by human strength rather than electricity or an engine.

Q3 What are the two general types of power tools?

There are two categories for power tools: stationary and portable, with portable referring to hand-held. There are clear mobility benefits to portable power equipment. However, stationary power tools frequently offer advantages in terms of accuracy and speed.

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