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Structural Steel H-Beam Size 300x300 80Kg Hellog

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Hellog SSH-B
Hellog SSH-B
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Structural Steel H-Beam Size 300x300 80Kg Hellog

GZ Industrial Supplies is a distributor and supplier of Structural steel Materials in Nigeria. Our Structural Steel H-Beam Size 300x300 80Kg Hellog is a powerful and versatile solution for your construction and structural support needs. This H-shaped steel beam combines exceptional strength and durability, making it an ideal choice for a wide range of applications in the construction industry.

The Structural Steel H-Beam Size 300x300 80Kg Hellog has dimensions of 300mm x 300mm, providing substantial load-bearing capacity and stability. Its robust construction and cross-sectional design make it suitable for applications where high structural integrity and resistance to bending and twisting forces are required. Manufactured from high-quality structural steel, this H beam offers outstanding durability and longevity. It is designed to withstand heavy loads, making it an excellent choice for use in large-scale construction projects, such as high-rise buildings, bridges, and industrial structures.

The versatility of the Structural Steel H-Beam Size 300x300 allows for various applications. It can be used as a primary structural component, providing support for roof systems, floor systems, and mezzanine platforms. It can also be utilized for bracing, trusses, and framework in construction projects. The product conforms to industry standards, ensuring its reliability and compatibility with various construction practices. Its uniform dimensions and precise manufacturing ensure ease of installation and compatibility with other structural elements.

One of the notable advantages of this H steel beam is its ability to be customized according to specific project requirements. It can be cut, drilled, and welded to fit unique designs, enabling seamless integration into diverse construction applications. Whether you are constructing a residential, commercial, or industrial project, the Structural Steel H-Beam Size 300x300 provides the strength, stability, and durability necessary for your structural support needs. Trust in its high-quality construction and proven performance to deliver exceptional results for your construction endeavors.

Technical Specification of Structural Steel H-Beam Size 300x300 80Kg Hellog

  • H Beam size: 300x300
  • Weight per meter: 80kg Steel H-Beam 
  • Technique: Hot Rolled 
  • Thickness: 15 
  • Length: 12m 
  • Standard: bs 
  • Flange Width: 300

Frequently Asked Questions

1.What Is The Most Commonly Used Structural Steel?

ASTM A36 steel

ASTM A36 steel, with a yield strength of 36,000 psi, is the most common material for structural steel shapes although other materials are available for special circumstances including low-alloy, high-strength, and stainless steels.

2.What Are The 4 Classifications Of Structural Steel?

Structural steels are available in many grades that cover a wide range of properties and may be classified into four major categories: carbon steels; high-strength, low-alloy (HSLA) steels (often called microalloyed steels); heat-treated carbon steels; and heat-treated alloy steels

3.How Do You Identify Structural Steel?

Structural steels are classified by the shape of their cross-sections, such as the most frequently used I, T, C shapes (2). Besides their shape, the grade of the steel directly affects the mechanical properties. So, different grades of structural steel must be chosen according to different design

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5 Reviews

  • 5

    very satisfying

    Posted by engr andrew on Oct 11, 2023

    fast delivery, trust worthy supplier , nice package , superior quality. i trusted gz supplies for a durable and high intensive H-BEAM steal for construction and they delivered.

  • 5

    good qualitty

    Posted by Boniface on Jun 26, 2023

    I own a  private engineering company, and I've used this H-BEAM on multiple projects because of how tough it is. It's always delivered outstanding outcomes.

  • 5

    Structural Steel H-Beam Size 300x300 80Kg Hellog

    Posted by Engr jude on Jun 06, 2023

    The engineers who worked at my construction site testified to the quality of this Hbeam.. Definitely purchasing more for my other projects

  • 5

    Structural Steel H-Beam Size 300x300 80Kg Hellog

    Posted by Mr Bola on Jun 06, 2023

    Best believe this Hbeam i got from GZ industrial has got to be the best I've purchased ... was very flexible and easy to work with

  • 5


    Posted by Abdul Ibrahim on May 30, 2023

    As a construction company, we've relied on this incredibly durable H-BEAM for numerous projects, and it has never failed to deliver outstanding results. Our engineers have been thoroughly impressed with its strength and reliability, making it an essential component in our construction endeavors. We highly recommend this product for anyone seeking a top-notch solution for their construction needs.

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