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Dr. Fixit 302 Super Latex 1 Liter (Pack Of 15)

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Dr. Fixit 302 SL 1L
Dr. Fixit 302 SL 1L
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Dr. Fixit 302 Super Latex 1 Liter (Pack Of 15)

GZ Industrial Supplies is the supplier of Dr. Fixit waterproofing chemicals in Nigeria. Our Dr. Fixit 302 Super Latex 1 liter is based on modified Styrene butadiene latex used for high performance applications in-waterproofing and repairs. It is used for repairs of spalled concrete such as – floors, columns, beams,slabs & waterproofing of toilets & bathrooms & terraces. It bonds strongly to old & new concrete & plaster.

Areas of Application

  • As a bond coat - Plaster to plaster, concrete-to-concrete, plaster to concrete masonry to stone work and for plastering over brick masonry. Bonding coat & mortar for tiles & panels, underlays for special finishes such a stop rendering coat for chemical resistant floors.
  • As waterproofing – Waterproofing of small roof terraces, sunken portions of toilet & bathrooms, chajjas & lift pits, balconies & stare cases. waterproofing of liquid & effluent tanks, car deck and walkways.
  • As crack repair - Repairs of plaster cracks more than 5 mm & in gaps developed between masonry and RCC members.
  • As rebar coating – Coating for prevention of corrosion over rebars.
  • For Cladding – Fixing or refixing of slip bricks, tiles, stones & marble bedding.
  • As external rendering – Weatherproof & frost resistant render, high wear & erosion resistant render.As bonding slurry coat for pinhole treatment on concrete surface & as repair mortar for overhead applications.

Features & Benefits of Dr. Fixit 302 Super Latex 1 Liter 

  • Multipurpose - It is multipurpose & economical product, easy to use
  • Cracking - It prevents cracking by improving flexural strength
  • Hardness - Improves the hardness & prevents dust generation
  • Shrinkage - Reduces drying & aging shrinkage cracks
  • Bonding - Bonds strongly to concrete, masonry, stone work, plasters, steel, asphalt & most of the building materials.
  • Erosion & corrosion - Improves erosion resistance & prevents corrosion.
  • Abrasion resistance - Improves abrasion resistance of cement mix.
  • Waterproofing - Prevents leakage & dampness.
  • Durability - Enhances strength of a repair mortar & provides durability.
  • Rebound loss - Less material wastage- material does not fall back/ rebound, when used as bonding agent.
  • Coverage - Excellent Coverage -70-80 sq.ft per kg/ in 2 coats, hence economical. 

Technical Specifications of Dr. Fixit 302 Super Latex 1 Liter

  • Brand: Dr. Fixit
  • Size: 1ltr
  • Item Code: 302

Method Of Application

Surface Preparation:
  1. Begin by cleaning the surface thoroughly using a wire brush or scrubber. This step removes any hidden dirt, loose particles, laitance, and dust.
  2. Degrease the surface using appropriate solvents to ensure it is free from any oily residues.
  3. Repair any spalled portions of the concrete by saw cutting the edges of the damaged area to a depth of at least 10 mm. This prevents feather edging and ensures a strong substrate for the repair.
  4. Clean the concrete surface where breaking is not possible to remove any contaminants.
  5. Roughen the surface by lightly scabbling or grit blasting, enhancing adhesion for subsequent layers.
  6. Fully expose any corroded rebars in the repair area, removing all loose scales and corrosion deposits. Clean the surface immediately after removal.

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    Posted by Daniel on May 07, 2024

    DR. FIXIT 302 SUPER LATEX 1 LITRE is an excellent quality paint that provides a smooth and even finish . It has a good coverage and dries to a durable matte surface . the 1 liter container is convenient size for small painting projects . overall this is a good value latex paint that i would recommend

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