Epochem 530 Solvent Degreaser, Wax, Asphalt, Bitumen Cleaner 5liters Promo

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Epochem 530 Solvent Degreaser, Wax, Asphalt, Bitumen Cleaner 5liters

GZ Industrial SUpplies is the supplier of Epochem cleaning and maintenance chemicals in Nigeria. Epochem 530 solvent degreaser is designed to meet stringent requirements of an oil and grease solvent and still maintain corrosion inhibitor properties on metals and steel surfaces. It incorporates a unique solvent based to penetrate oil and grease bound dirt. Epochem 530 also contains emulsifierwhich permits easy removal with water.


Epochem 530 solvent degreaser is formulated with a unique low volatility, low flammability solvent. It is much less likely to ignite when it is applied to hot surfaces. Premium performance in removal of oil and grease bound dirt. Premium performance in safety, through use of high flash point and low volatility solvent.

Product losses through evaporation are significantly reduced. This quality reduces vapour inhalation and improves cost effectiveness. Provides temporary corrosion protection, due to its slow rate of evaporation. Easy to remove with and it has water Pleasant fragrance.

Main Applications:

Epochem 530 solvent Degreaser may be applied by spraying, brushing or swabbing, followed by removal with water.


Appearance Clear liquid
Odour Pleasant
Solubility Negligible
Health, Safety and Environment: 

Epochem 530 solvent degreaser is unlikely to present significant health and safety hazards when properly used in the recommended application. Avoid long time contact with skin. Use impervious gloves. After skin contact wash immediately with soap and water. Protect the Environment Take used Epochem 530 fluid to authorized collection point for proper disposal.

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Frequently Asked Questions.
1. What is solvent degreasing?

Solvent degreasing is a process used to prepare a surface for further operations such as electroplating or painting. Typically it uses petroleum, chlorine, dry ice or alcohol based solvents to dissolve the machining fluids and other contaminants that might be on the surface. 

2. What are the advantages of solvent degreasing?

Solvent degreasing has several advantages over other methods of cleaning, such as:

  • It is fast and effective. 

  • It can remove grease, oil, tar, paint, ink, and other stubborn stains from various surfaces with ease.

  • It is versatile and compatible. It can be used for various materials and shapes, such as metal, glass, plastic, or rubber. It can also be applied by spraying, brushing, flushing, or immersion.

  • It is economical and eco-friendly. It can reduce the need for water, detergent, or other chemicals. It can also be recycled or reused by distillation or filtration.

3. How do I use solvent degreaser safely and effectively?

The method of using solvent degreaser varies depending on the type and brand of the product and the part you want to clean. Always follow the manufacturer’s instructions and safety precautions when using solvent degreaser. In general, you need to wear protective gloves and eyewear when handling solvent degreaser, avoid inhaling or ingesting it, keep it away from heat or sparks, and store it in a cool and dry place away from sunlight.

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8 Reviews

  • 5

    Posted by Gift on Jul 19, 2023

    This product is very effective for cleaning off dirts.

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    Very Good

    Posted by Johney Jones on Sep 21, 2022


  • 5

    Posted by Mrs Fatima on Jul 28, 2022

    I Had these pile of wax i needed to clean off and your representative gave me solvent degreaser, it worked the magic

  • 5
    superior Quality

    Posted by Martin Aki on Feb 16, 2021

    I had a nice experience with this, thumbs up GZ team.

  • 5
    Good degreaser

    Posted by kennedy Azonachukwu on Apr 19, 2020

    This solvent wipes away Wax, greaser and other dirt instant

  • 5
    good and reliable

    Posted by Engr Eze on Apr 13, 2020


  • 5

    Posted by Engr Eze on Mar 31, 2020

    very good

  • 5
    Best Solvent cleaner in Nigeria

    Posted by Kennedy Nwosu on Jan 30, 2019

    I have used this product and it is worth the money

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