Hydraulic Hose crimping machine PR51-H6

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Hydraulic Hose crimping machine PR51-H6

The hose crimper is used to assemble hydraulic hoses and enables individuals to crimp their own fittings on themselves. This why are are selling hose crimpers to industrial concerns now in Nigeria. By using one of Our hose crimping machines, individuals can save time by crimping hoses in their hydraulic systems themselves rather than having to travel.

Hydraulic hoses are used on a vast range of systems and need to be made to specific lengths depending on where the hydraulic hose will be mounted on the hydraulic components. By being able to hose crimp on site, hydraulic hoses can be attached straight after the lengths have been measured and crimped. Rather than having to mount all the components, then measure up and have to get the hoses crimped before reassembling the component with the hoses, which is time consuming.

Applications Hydraulic Hose Crimping Machine:

Best choice for crimping hydraulic hose with double flange fitting.

Suitable for high precision pressing of low and high pressure hose diameter, starting from 1/8″ to 2″ internal hose pipe.

Used rubber hose to transmit hydraulic pressure as there working power.

Used in Building Construction, Petroleum Industry, Chemical Industry, Car and Motor Industry

Features of this hydraulic hose crimping machine

Crimper range:1/8'-2" 4SP

Voltage/Motor: 380V/3KW

Phase Electric: Three phase

Hertz: 50HZ

Opening without dies: 122mm

Opening> = 21mm

Foot Pedal: included

Systematic pressure: 30MPA

No. of die sets: 10 sets, 

Volume: 720 x 530 x 730(mm).

Weight; 205kg.

1/2-wire braids and textile - up to 1"

4-wire spirals - up to 1/2"

Brand: Orientflex 

Warranty: one year

Hose Examples

Tractor, Harvester, Lyteflex, Pilot, Equator, Rockmaster, Shieldmaster, Astro, Goldenspir/12 & 4SP, Rockmaster/12 & 4SP.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1 What is the difference between crimping and swaging?

For petroleum, oil, and composites, swaging is advised. However, due to their ease of integration into an automated line, crimpers are more frequently utilized in industrial settings. However, crimping machines are slightly more costly, so smaller businesses could want to continue using swaging.

Q2 Which tool used for crimping hydraulic hose?

To join the ends of two cables, wires, or other similarly flexible materials, such hydraulic hoses, to a matching hose end, one uses a hydraulic crimper. By transferring force from the user to the tool via a hydraulic fluid system, this tool enables the user to make crimped connections.

Q3 Where are crimping tools used?

Crimping is frequently used for a variety of purposes, including as fast but reliable electrical connections, fastening the lids of metal food cans, and fixing bullets in their cartridge boxes. Crimping can also be used to create a strong bond between a non-metallic component and the workpiece because it is a cold-working method.

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    Crimps very well

    Posted by Joseph Igbokwe on Jun 17, 2020

    This crimping machine crimps very well

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