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LubeMax premium high Vacuum Pump Oil

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LubeMax premium high Vacuum PumpOil
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LubeMax premium high Vacuum PumpOil

GZ Industrial Supplies is the distributor and supplier of lubemax products in Nigeria. LubeMax Premium High Vacuum Pump Oil is a unique, proprietary blend of highly refined base oils. These base oils provide a more viscous and stable formulation which is ideal for all vacuum pumps. Because the quality of your vacuum pump performance is directly related to the quality of vacuum pump oil used, use only an oil that is proven to be optimum for use in demanding evacuation applications. For best results, change vacuum pump oil after each evacuation.

Features and Benefits of LubeMax premium high Vacuum PumpOil

LubeMax Premium high Vacuum Pump Oil Features;

  • Engineered to maintain viscosity at higher running temperatures
  • Quality tested for minimal moisture content
  • Excellent cold temperature properties foreasier starting Maximizes vacuum pump life For all high vacuum pumps.

Application of LubeMax premium high Vacuum Pump Oil

The oil is especially formulated for use in vacuum pumps where it will tolerate exposure to very high vacuums with low levels of evaporation. LubeMax Premium high Vacuum Pump Oil resists the formation of deposits and maintains its original lubricating properties over a long life. It is a dehydrated oil; therefore, keep containers well sealed to prevent contamination by moisture. It is also suitable for use in pump bearings and sealing glands.

Frequently Asked Questions.
1. What is high vacuum pump oil?

High vacuum pump oil is a specialised lubricant designed for use in vacuum pumps, especially those operating in high vacuum or low-pressure environments.

2. How do I store high vacuum pump oil?

High vacuum pump oil should be stored in a cool, dry, and well-ventilated place away from heat, sunlight, moisture, and incompatible materials, such as acids, bases, oxidizers, or reducers.

3. Can high vacuum pump oil be mixed with other oils?

Mixing different types of oils, including high vacuum pump oil, can lead to poor performance, reduced vacuum levels, and potential damage to the pump. It's recommended to use the recommended oil type and avoid mixing.

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