Food safety detector AIK-TSC01743 Hellog

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Hellog AIK-TSC01743
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Food safety detector AIK-TSC01743 Hellog

Food Safety Detector AIK-TSC01743 Hellog

GZ Industrial Supplies is a distributor and supplier of hellog Agricultural Equipment in Nigeria. The food safety detector AIK-TSC01743 Hellog is a very new and revolutionary food environmental safety monitor. It can protect ourselves and our children from the hazards of particulate impurities, nitrates and nitrites.

Features of Food Safety Detector AIK-TSC01743 Hellog

It only takes 3 seconds to detect those unreasonably grown fruits and vegetables.

It calculates the concentration of nitrite in fruits and vegetables through a precise conductivity test, and gives corresponding tips and warnings.

Guarantee the authenticity, with it, we can better enjoy the green and healthy life. description:

Testing categories: fruit nitrate testing, vegetable nitrate testing, meat nitrate testing, water quality TDS testing Portable, compact and lightweight: Greentest2 is designed with your convenience in mind.

The small and light device is small enough to fit in your pocket or easily carry you wherever you go in your bag.

Easy-to-use interface: Greentest2's high-resolution color display provides an easy-to-use interface.

Our unique nitric acid and intuitive testing software allow you to quickly view the quality and safety of fruits, vegetables and meat.

Fast and accurate results: Greentest2 shows that your nitrate test results have an error of less than 10% in just 3 seconds.

Separate test probe: A single test probe is easily inserted into fruits, vegetables and meats for nitrate level testing without damaging your food. Long battery life:

Rechargeable lithium-ion battery 720 mah provides up to 20 hours of use time,

you can easily use the provided USB charger to charge the device. Modern design: clean a white shell to provide a look, not only modern and professional but also suitable for daily use. 

Technical specifications of  Food safety detector AIK-TSC01743 Hellog

Nitrate measurement range: 0-9999 mg/kg

Measurement error: <10%

Dimensions: 122 52 x 14 mm

Weight: 85 grams

TFT color display resolution: 320 x 240

Power supply: 720 mah lithium battery;

Additional power supply:

USB power supply charger,

Model: Green test

USB charging current: 310 horses;

Power supply voltage range: 5 v Use time: 20 hours (using a fully charged 720 mAh lithium battery in the default device settings)

Working temperature: 0-60°+С.

Packing size: 150*45*45MM


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