Lubes and Chemicals

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As a leading supplier of Lubricants and Chemicals, We deliver to any location within Nigeria, we gurantee the quality of all our products supplied to our customers, you can buy online or through our resseller netweork.

GZ industrial Supplies is aiming to provide an easy solution to obtaining

Automotive diesel engine Oil,

Automotive petriol engine oil,

Hydraulic oil/fluid, 

Antifreeze engine coolant

Gearbox oil,

All ndustrial oil,

Tractor oil

All Synthetic oil,

Heat transfer oil, 

Food grade oil

Transformer oil.

At GZ industrial online supplies you will find exactly what you are looking for through our extensive online catalog featuring all the leading brand name lubricant brands like

We carry great brands like, Shell Lubricants, Castrol Lubricants, Sinopec LubricantsMobil Lubricants, Connoil lubricants, all in one place.  Finding and shopping for lubricants has never been so easy. If you do not find what you are looking for it does not mean we do not sell it. Contact us and we see if we can find it for you.