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Our category of Lubricants products and chemicals are;

LubeMax Lubricants

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Epochem Cleaning and Maintenance Chemicals

Shell Lubricants

Sinopec Lubricants

Mobil Lubricants

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Conoil Lubricants 

Everest Oil

C.woermann Lubricant 

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Lubricant Speciality

With technological advancements in the manufacturing sector moving quickly, the need for optimum performance and adherence to environmental regulations is paramount in the lubricant industry. At GZ Industrial Supplies, we aim to provide our clients with top-quality lubricants and chemicals that consistently meet their specific requirements. Our team of dedicated researchers is also constantly creating new, customized formulations to target pain points and improve our products even further.


Antioxidants are additives that increase the life of a lubricant by making it more resistant to oxidation. This is handy for compressor oil, engine oil, metal working fluids, turbine oils, etc.

Re additives:

Anti-wear & Extreme Pressure additives work by creating a barrier that helps protect the metal surface. These kinds of additives are often used in mild conditions where there are low loads and high speeds to help reduce the rate of wear. You can find these additives in engine oil, grease, metalworking, and gear oil.

Metal deactivators:

Metal deactivators are fuel additives that help to prevent the oxidation of metals like copper, cadmium, cobalt, zinc, silver, and iron. If these metals are not properly taken care of, they can lead to the formation of gum, sedimentation, darkening, and other unsavory side effects. Metal deactivators have applications in compressor oil, engine oil, and gear oil.

Friction reducers:

These are used in combination with engine oil to improve antifriction properties. Their applications are in grease, synthetic oil, engine oil, synthetic oil, etc.

Rust inhibitors:

Rust inhibitors are used in applications where excellent rust inhibition and water resistance are mandated. Typical use is in lubricants that operate in the presence of moisture, like paper machine oils, rock drill oils, turbine, hydraulic and circulating oils.

Multipurpose additive packages:

These additives are multi-functional and can be used for both greases and industrial gear oil.

Various Types of Lubricants and chemicals to Choose From

GZ industrial Supplies aims to provide an easy solution to obtaining the best products the industry has to offer. We have partnered with the best global brand in lubricants and chemicals supplies in Nigeria. At GZ industrial online supplies, you will find precisely what you are looking for through our extensive online catalog featuring varieties of lubricant and chemicals, such as;

Automotive diesel engine Oil,

Automotive petrol engine oil,

Hydraulic oil/fluid, 

Antifreeze engine coolant

Gearbox oil,

All industrial oil,

Tractor oil

All Synthetic oil,

Heat transfer oil, 

Food grade oil

Transformer oil.

Points to Keep in Mind Before Purchasing Chemicals and Lubricants

Lubricants come in all types of textures, consistencies, and colors, but knowing the right one for the job primarily lies in the chemical and physical properties of the lubricant, which will dictate the performance characteristics and give you an idea of how it will behave under specific conditions. Ultimately, this information will help you determine whether a lubricant is up to par for the task at hand and meets all necessary goals and benchmarks.


Viscosity is a term used to describe how easy or difficult it is for a lubricant to flow. Viscosity is also known as internal friction and is one of the most important properties to consider when assessing lubricants and determining their grade and suitability. Lubricants with high viscosity are thicker and have more resistance to flow internally. A good example of this is steam oil. It's used to lubricate heavy-duty engines, and it has been made to be highly viscous in order to withstand extreme operating conditions that come with high pressure. Gear oils lubricate machinery in flour mills, sugar refineries, and food manufacturing plants are another example of high-viscosity lubricants.

Low-viscosity lubricants are thinner and fast flowing, similar to water. Kerosene used to lubricate rolling metal is an example of a low-viscosity oil. Over the past few years, many trucking fleets have switched to low-viscosity engine lubricants, which are more sustainable and cost-efficient.

Temperature can affect viscosity, so motorists often switch to lighter, more viscous engine oils in colder weather. Guidelines published by the International Standards Organisation (ISO) use temperatures of 40ËšC to measure the viscosity of lubricants. The grading system rates oils and greases on a scale of ISO VG 2 to ISO VG 1500, with a lower number indicating a lower viscosity index.  

Sometimes, viscosity can decrease when a lubricant is exposed to high temperatures. If this is undesirable, chemical index improvers such as methacrylate molecules can be used to prevent the thinning process and maintain the desired viscosity index.

Chemical stability

Lubricating oils with good chemical stability shouldn't be at risk of oxidizing, carbonizing, or undergoing other undesirable reactions when exposed to oxygen. Various factors determine the chemical stability of a lubricant, including concentrations of catalysts such as copper.   

Sulphur content

The sulphur content of lubricants is an important property to consider, as the chemical element can fast-track corrosion. That said, sulphur can be added to certain oils to improve lubricating capabilities.

American Petroleum Institute (API) gravity

API gravity measures the density of a lubricant, with a hydrometer used to calculate a rating based on how light or heavy the product is compared to water. Oils with an API gravity of 10 or more are classed as light, while lubricants with API gravity of less than 10 are heavy.

Neutralization number

Even after being refined, a lubricant may contain impurities, including acids and alkaline products. A neutralization number is assigned based on how many milligrams of potassium hydroxide is needed to defuse the acid content in one gram of oil.


Demulsibility describes the ability of a lubricant to separate from H2O. Oils with high demulsibility are generally preferred, as water can compromise the lubricating properties of a product. This can lead to increased energy consumption due to resistance, surface corrosion, and contamination caused by the release of abrasive wear particles. Additives can be an excellent way to improve the demulsibility of a lubricant and prevent it from mixing with water.

Oxidation stability

Oxidation is a chemical reaction that occurs when oxygen interacts with the lubricant. Variables such as water, acids, catalysts, and temperature can influence oxidation and hurt the lifespan and performance characteristics of an oil. For applications where the lubricant is in circulation for long periods without being changed, such as large mechanical systems, good oxidation stability is essential.

Corrosion resistance

Corrosion occurs when electrochemical action takes place on a refined metal. This reaction gradually deteriorates the surface and converts the refined metal to a more stable form, such as oxide, sulphide, carbonate, or hydroxide.

Pour Point

The pour point describes the lowest temperature at which a lubricant will continue to flow in liquid form. This property is essential as it determines the suitability of oils for cold climates and operating conditions or when pressure will not be applied. Pour point depressants are often used to reduce the solidification temperatures of lubricants and improve performance when undergoing ASTM tests.

Flash Point

Flashpoint describes the lowest temperature needed to ignite a lubricant when it comes into contact with a small flame. This 'flash' occurs when light particles in the oil are volatile. Lubricants with high flash points are generally preferred as they're less likely to ignite under average operating temperatures and conditions.  

Fire Point

Fire point builds on flash point and exposes the lubricant to even more heat. The fire point is determined by the lowest temperature at which the oil will continuously burn. Similar to flash points, higher fire points are desirable as they reduce the risk of the lubricant burning while in circulation.

Cloud Point

At low temperatures, lubricants can change from liquid to solid state. This can solidify oil particles and create a cloudy appearance. The highest temperature at which this process occurs is called the cloud point.

Freezing point

Lubricants with low freezing points are generally more helpful as they continue to function across various temperatures and operating conditions. For example, an oil with a low freezing point wouldn't lose its functionality if operational temperatures unexpectedly dropped.

Chemicals and Lubricants to select from Renowned Brands

We are proud to represent an extensive selection of high-quality lubricant brands like Shell Lubricants, Castrol Lubricants, Sinopec Lubricants, Mobil Lubricants, and Conoil Lubricants - all in one convenient place. Shopping for a suitable lubricant has never been easier. 

1. Lube Max Lubricants: 

LubeMax brand of greases and lubricants stands for robust, reliable, high-quality products tailored to suit the requirements of the on- and off-road heavy-duty, automotive and industrial markets. Our solutions span from trendsetting retail lubricants through small-batch custom formulations to large bulk orders ready for immediate delivery. Our Lubricants are designed to handle the most extreme climates and operating conditions. The LubeMax products protect and extend the life of your equipment, optimize performance and improve productivity while meeting and exceeding industry standards and specifications.

2. Shell Lubricants:

Shell oils are formulated to reduce the risk of thermal and chemical breakdown throughout the maintenance interval. They withstand high thermal loading and resist sludge formation to provide extended oil life capability, even with bulk oil temperatures 

3.Sinopec Lubricant:

The Sinopec brand of lubricants is known for Outstanding extreme pressure and anti-wear performance. Effectively reduce abrasion and pitting between friction surfaces and extend service life. Excellent mechanical stability keeps acceptable consistency in the process of use and avoids being washed away.

Everest Lubricant:

This generation of  Everest lubricants outperforms conventional motor oil, it reduces friction and wear at start-up and protects your engine against performance-robbing sludge and varnish deposits, and helps improve fuel economy.These lubricants are certified to meet or exceed the latest American Petroleum Institute SN service classification for use in passenger cars, vans, sports utility vehicles, light-duty trucks, and other mobile and stationary engines. Whether you're looking to protect your car's engine or extend its lifespan, these lubricants will do the trick. 

4. Epochem Chemicals

The Epochem brand of chemicals is widely recognized as a cost-effective cleaning product by institutional, hospitality, janitorial, and industrial users. Pleasantly scented and water-soluble, it is easy to use and safe on all surfaces.

5. Gulf Oil

The gulf engine oil is a high performance passenger car motor oil formulated from the finest quality synthetic base stocks and state-of-the-art additive technology. It has been specially developed for all modern turbocharged, high-output gasoline and diesel engines of passenger cars, SUVs, light vans, and trucks

6.Mobil Lubricants

The mobil lubricants performance gas engine oil is designed to meet the rigorous demands of today's high-output four-cycle engines specifically designed to reduce emissions and improve fuel efficiency. 

7. Castrol Lubricants

Castrol oil is known for its good viscosity characteristics over a wide range. Excellent water separation characteristics allow condensation to readily separate from the oil, minimizing the risk of emulsions that could block the oil separator element. It prevents corrosion when operating under humid conditions. They have good thermal stability, low volatility, and low carbon formation, reducing the risk of fire and explosion.

8. Hyundai Lubricants

The Hyundai Xteer engine oil is made of high-quality base oil and premium additives. It is compliant with API SL Grade and applicable to gasoline engines. It has an outstanding protection and lubricity in all gasoline vehicle (both naturally aspirated and turbocharged engines).

Get the Best Chemicals and Lubricants Online from GZ Industrial Supplies

We at GZ Industrial Supplies pay close attention to how the needs of our clients change over time. We offer chemicals and Lubricants at the most competitive price. To ensure they provide the best result for your need, we purchased these effective chemicals and Lubricants from the most respected brands. We have collaborated with the top brands worldwide. This helps us to meet the high expectations of our clients. Our range of chemicals and Lubricants is available with special offers and savings. Visit our website to view the leading brands' most affordable chemicals and Lubricants in Nigeria.

Top Selling Chemical and Lubricant Price List in Nigeria

Latest Chemicals and Lubricants

Expected Price


Epochem corrosion inhibitor 2000


10% off

Epochem Tile Cleaner 5L


10% off

Epochem Distilled water 20L


10% off

Everest Motor Oil 0W-20 Full Synthetic 5Ltr


5% off

Shell Helix Ultra 5W-40 4L


5% off

LubeMax Wire Rope Grease 18kg


10% off

Castrol Aircol SN 100 compressor Lubricant 20 litres


5% off

Epochem Demineralized water 20L


10% off

LubeMax Hydraulic 46 200L


15% off

Shell Helix HX3 20W-50 1L


30% off


Chemical and Lubricant - Price Range

Chemicals and Lubricants

Min Price

Max Price

Gulf Lubricants



Hyundai Xteer Engine Oil



Cleaning Chemical



Shell Lubricant



Everest Lubricant



Epochem Chemicals



Castrol Lubricants



Lubemax Lubricants



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Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. How do we use multipurpose greases?

Multi-purpose or multi-functional greases are particularly suitable for the Lubrication of equipment such as Bearings, Axles and articulations, and Pipes (for their protection).

Q2. What is automotive grease used for?

Greases can not be underrated as it not only improves the performance of moving parts, amongst other benefits,Lubricants play an important role in keeping surfaces lubricated so they can move freely without being obstructed. Leaks can occur under the force of gravity or when surfaces are centrifugal, so it's important to choose a lubricant that won't be easily squeezed out from under pressure.

Q3. What does a Corrosion inhibitor do

Corrosion inhibitors are chemical substances that, when added to the environment where metal would corrode, will reduce the speed of corrosion or prevent it from happening altogether. By adding these corrosion inhibitors to the mix, you can help to extend the lifespan of your metal objects and materials.

Q4.How long does it take for rust remover to work?

Depending on the severity of the rust, this process can take anywhere from one to three days. To check whether the rust has softened, periodically check the tool. If the rust has softened, use a metal brush or steel wool to scrub off any surface rust. Wash, rinse, and dry the device as standard. You'll know the rust has been removed when the scrubbing produces black powder instead of flakes of rust.

Q5. What type of drain opener is suitable for an opening clogged pipe

The Drain Opener Epochem 170 alkaline cleaner 20 liters is good to use to clean and open drains.




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    Gulf Ultra Synth GDI 5W30 Advanced Car Motor Oil 208L

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    SHELL CORENA S4 R 46 18.9L


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    LubeMax Wire Rope Grease 18Kg

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    Hyundai XTeer ATFIII 1L

    Hyundai XTeer Engine Oil

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    LOCTITE 406 Instant Adhesive

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